"Sheltered" Movie coming from Walking Dead Producers

Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive that “Sheltered” from Image comics is being looked at for a movie by Jesse Peyronel and The Walking Dead producers Circle of Confusion.
Jesse Peyronel is a writer on the TV show Dracula and is reported to be working on the script now with an eye towards shooting later this year.
Quick check of eBay shows the book is really cheap with copies of Sheltered #1 for under $2.
Here is Sheltered #1-4 for under $4.
Copies of Sheltered #1 for under $2
Sheltered #1 for under $1
Maximum Comics Variant for $8 shipped
Image Expo Variant for $5.99 plus shipping
Lone Star Comics has NM copies for $2
Starting at $1.80 on Amazon
Full Hollywood Reporter Story here
Thanks to Drew for the tip!

11 thoughts on “"Sheltered" Movie coming from Walking Dead Producers”

  1. I’ve often thought this would make a good series. I spoke with the author and he seemed to think it was only going to be 15 issues.

  2. ok, I’m in! Got 1-5 & 2X Image Expo Variants…….cheeeeeaaaappppp!
    Will get 6-15 even cheeaaappper!!!!!
    May get another set of 1-15 IF I can still get them relativity cheap. With the news out now, it will be hard, but I’ll see what my UK sources have to say.
    Thanks for the tip Drew, and tha post news Flipper!
    HINT: When CHU posts…EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!
    ok, make that 3X Image Expo Variants……hey, I multitask!!!!!!!!!!

    Here’s my current haul of Sheltered books:
    X2 #1 reg cover ($1.70 each)…last 2 from mycomicshop.com (I wanted more)!!!!!
    X3 Image Expo Variants ($15 each)
    Set: 1-6 ($22)
    Set: 1-5 (20 GBP)…could have shopped around and found a better deal, but I needed a set from the UK to read. FYI – Sheltered #1 over here are listed for 35 GBP each…Yikes!
    Will grab a few of the Walking Dead-Michonne Homage Variants IF I can find them for Under $10…my game, MY RULES!!!!!!!
    I can finish both of my sets at will now, CHEAP!
    The movie news should keep this title HOT for a while, so INVEST NOW FOLKS!
    Actually, I went to Amazon, and was going to grab X8 #1’s for $1.70 each, but as I went to the checkout, the S/H was $32…I was like, WHAT THA HECK IS THIS! Anyway, I emailed the seller…nothing back yet, but I canx’d that order. Would have been nice to have those 8, but I’m not getting ripped-off with the ‘ole S/H SCAM!!!!!!!!
    Oh, here’s X5 Walking Dead 1st print #1’s for $15 each, oh BTW s/h is $8,500!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. “Oh, here’s X5 Walking Dead 1st print #1′s for $15 each, oh BTW s/h is $8,500!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
      You should report such sellers on eBay. They’re doing that to get around the likely 10% auction fee. It’s deceptive and everyone knows it doesn’t cost $8500 to ship 5 comics. Report people like this, they have no business doing business if they can’t abide by the rules.

      1. In the US the shipping fee is the same as the final value fee. So if they are a US based seller it makes no difference any more. People like this are just dumb. For the price he is asking for shipping he had better fly out and hand deliver them.
        You can try reporting them to eBay. But it has been my experience that they do not do anything. I had a person clearly ripping off my auctions, pictures and all, including my pictures of artists signing copies, and eBay did nothing.
        Sent from my iPhone

  4. This is what I got back from the Amazon seller with the high s/h:
    Since we are new to amazon, they dictate the shipping. Sorry. I’m not sure how to help you.
    Ok, then you miss out on a sale!!!!!!!

      1. To be fair, I got another email from this seller stating that his hands are tied. He told me that the books were now sold out, so I guess someone wanted the books no matter of s/h costs.
        Hey, good for the seller and buyer…LET’S KEEP THIS SPEK TRAIN ROLLING!

  5. I was late on this but still picked up a set plus an extra copy of issue #1 for just over $20 shipped. Figure cover price is more then fair given the news.

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