Larry's Comics Pick of the week for delivery 5/14/14

Always love when Larry Doherty from Larry’s Comics chimes in. See, he has been at this speculator game a long time. His weekly Comics market Report was the reason I got into writing about comic book speculation. He has his finger on the pulse of things. Just check out the #comicmarket on twitter. So here is his pick of the week for 5/14/14:
Walking Dead #127 that ships tomorrow is MAJOR.
#1-It’s double size with a new trade dress (logo on front cover
#2- It takes place a bit in the future & is part one of a new storyline.
#3- It’s ALREADY sold out at Diamond.
#4- It’s the first appearance of a Dynamic visually stunning new character
#5- It’s got a preview of Kirkman’s new book Outcast.
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