Larry's Comics Pick of the week 5.21.14

Larry Doherty of has been at the speculation game for a while. He was what brought me in to writing about comic speculation. He used to do a weekly speculation news letter that was awesome, which also led to the hash tag #comicsmarket. He is like the old “E.F. Hutton” commercials, when he talks people listen. Here is Larry’s pick of the week for delivery 5/21/14

I’m going to roll with:
(W/A/CA) Dean Rankine
Take some time for an adventure to a magical world with two cute bunnies… two foul mouthed, drug using, butt-naked bunnies that go on adorably offensive, insultingly hilarious adventures! Your journey into off-color fun begins here, with this mix of Adventure Time and underground commix
Funny as hell.
Will appeal to the Adventure Time /Johnny the Homicidal Maniac crowd.
NOBODY will see it coming..

3 thoughts on “Larry's Comics Pick of the week 5.21.14”

  1. I’m not feeling it and those bunnies look like a slight ripoff (deranged version as well) of the Rabbids from Rabbids Invasion cartoon (that my kids absolutely love).

  2. Oh hey…
    To be clear.
    I picked Invincible in my weekly shop newsletter as my Pick of the week. As a read. A recommendation of a great book. Not a spec play.
    I picked Itty Bitty here as a speculator-y play.

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