Livewire Debuts in the New 52 in Justice League #30

Thanks to Wiley S. and Van D. (From the g+ comic book speculation and investment page) for the heads up on this one. Mega Popular Livewire looks to be making her debut in Justice League #30 out tomorrow.

Her earlier appearances in Superman Adventures #5 & ACTION COMICS #835 have already jumped up in price. The reason people have been saying, her appearance in this very issue. Not sure if this will be a cameo, or her first full appearance but Justice League #30 looks to be a pickup for tomorrow.
There are two covers available:
Justice League #30 Regular Cover
Justice League #30 Mad Magazine Variant

28 thoughts on “Livewire Debuts in the New 52 in Justice League #30”

      1. Thinking about this, are they gonna classify it as her 3rd 1st Full Appearance? When does it no longer becomes 1st appearance just because it’s a different sort of era or comic? Grab and flip’em if you can but I don’t see this staying hot for too long and it’s likely going to be easy to get.

      2. Superman Adventures # 23 is her 2nd full appearance..hard to find,but i saw this last week and grabbed 3 copies at 2.00 each

  1. Do you think this is worth buying for aftermarket if it’s just a panel or two? I’m not a big DC guy, and know nothing of Livewire. I have only seen her in cosplay quite a bit.

    1. I’m skipping. I think some people might pay a premium at first but I think it’s going to fizzle quickly. If you want the real 1st Appearance, go with the Superman Adventures #5 (if you can find it at a decent price since it’s already up there).

  2. I think I’m going to get a couple of these anyway and pair them up with my 2 action 835’s and see how much I can get for them. I had SA #5 and sold it way to soon for $45.

      1. I’d imagine most didn’t want to spend the money slabbing a kids comic until they saw it shoot up in value.. all the slabs are likely just arriving at CGC for the paid opinion.. 😉

    1. Change your Paypal as well. I change my passwords at least every 3-4 months and every site is different, don’t be using the same one for everything. 😉

      1. Yeah. I hjad three charges to assorted newspaper sites that were not made by me. PayPal took care of it, but getting a new card and setting up again sucks gonads.

      2. paypal is safe.
        “EBay’s subsidiary, PayPal, said it was untouched by the data breach. PayPal data, which is sensitive because it includes payment information, is kept on a separate network. ”
        Can’t hurt to change it anyways and always use a new unique password for every site. Something complex without real words, and using numbers and CAPS

        1. It probably didn’t get breached but then again, eBay said they didn’t realize they were hacked until months later, how do we know Paypal hasn’t already been compromised? That’s why important accounts that tie with my financials or can impact my own finances I make sure to change regularly, never using the same password again.

  3. Turns out Livewire just makes a cameo in that one panel. Not sure how you would classify that but I think I’m going to pick up 2 copies anyway and see if I can’t make a quick buck. Maybe this means we’ll see her true 1st new 52 appearance in the next month or two.

  4. Superman Adventures #5 has the first full story involving Livewire. Beware of comics with cameos such as Superman Adventures #4 and Justice League #30 because appearance of character is too brief.

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