Original Sin #3, out today, big deaths (SPOILERS)

Original Sin #3 out today from Marvel contains a couple of pretty big deaths. One in size and one in magnitude. Spoilers ahead…….
Seriously, spoilers ahead, do not continue if you do not want to know.
The first death was Ego, The Living Planet. This is the big death (size-wise).
The last page is a shocking image of the Winter Soldier standing over the body of Nick Fury, holding his severed head. (Magnitude). Yes, old Nick has been replaced by his son and has been out of the spotlight for a while, but still, Nick has always been a staple in the Marvel Universe.
Remains to see how well this book will do on the secondary market, but death issues do tend to do okay.

2 thoughts on “Original Sin #3, out today, big deaths (SPOILERS)”

  1. The bullet-riddled and now-dead (but formerly living) planet on page 16 is ALTER EGO, another planet similar to “Ego, The Living Planet” that escaped from the worldship of Taneleer Tivan, The Collector. He was originally created by The Stranger to be a companion to Ego. Last seen in THE ASTONISHING THOR miniseries.
    I’m betting that either the Fury who was killed, or the guy standing in the shadows on Page 10/Panel 3 is MAX FURY (from Ed Brubaker’s SECRET AVENGERS run). Max is a Nick Fury LMD that gained all of Nick’s memories when he was reprogrammed using the Scorpio Key

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