Tfaw's Hot list for 6/11/14

Each week TFAW puts out a hot list of books, these are the books that sell the most for the week. Here is this weeks list of what people are clamoring for:

1. Walking Dead #128 No surprise here. I still think the death of Rick is coming and might see how it is going to happen. My theory, Negan released by the new survivors.
2. Manifest Destiny #7 Again, no surprise. Driven by the new story arch and the McFarlane and Silvestri variant cover.
3. Amazing Spider-man 1.2
4. Detective Comics #32 Bombshell The hottest cover yet, Poison Ivy (my four year old has a crush on the Uma Thurman version from the movie, I do too)
5.New 52 Futures End #6
6.Superman Wonder Woman #9 Bombshell covers rule!
7. Captain Marvel #4
8. Original Sins #1
9. Wildfire #1 Strong sales being reported on the new Top Cow series
10. Batgirl #32 Bombshell!!
11. Red City #1 New Image book
12. Batman Eternal #10
13. Worlds Finest #24
14. Wolverine #8 Death of Wolverine Storyline starts here. Spec on this to come.
15. United States of Murder #2 I keep getting requests for #1
16. All New X-Men #28
17. Deadpool #30
18. Infinity Man and the Forever People #1
19. Green Lantern Corp #32 Another bombshell
20. Detective Comics #32

20 thoughts on “Tfaw's Hot list for 6/11/14”

  1. I’m going out on a limb since pre-order and saying wildfire will get some kinda media deal. Most likely a movie. I’ll say it again now.

      1. Really? I thought the exact opposite. A refreshing look at a different scenario causing the apocalypse.

      2. I picked up a copy to give it a go. Once read, I’ll post more thoughts on this one and if it makes the cut to #2.

      3. dooood it was just the setup. the preview left off right when it was getting interesting.
        BURN IT ALL DOWN!!!

      4. I finally read Wildfire and thought it was pretty good. Gave me enough interest to pick up #2. I do like the idea of a story that sort of blends today’s politics and public opinion on GMO that leads to apocalyptic type scenarios. The story is better than the art though. You can tell it’s all done on computer and its style would resemble a late night cartoon on Cartoon Network.. not horrible but could be better.

  2. I passed on Wildfire. I did buy The Empty Man though, and thought it was quite good.

    1. My four year old gets really serious and asks us to be quiet when she first turns into poison ivy and kisses Jason Woodrue and Robin. We watch the movie at least twice a week because he wants to see poison ivy. I showed him my copy of the comic with her first appearance. He tells me all the time that he wants it when he gets older.

  3. Rat Queens is coming to TV people… I still have all my signed and unsigned #1’s :-).

      1. The article also alludes to Peter Panzerfaust. It looks like that’s still in the works but is going to also follow the animation format as it’s being produced by the same studios. At least we’re getting some movement..

        1. I have heard a bunch if different things on PP. They had talked animated and they have talked about motion comic. Hoping for animated which would be way better for the book than a motion comic.

    1. I have #1 signed by Roc and a number 1 variant also signed by roc. And then 1 unsigned. Peter Paznerfaust prices would be nice

    1. I actually believe Manifest Destiny will ultimately become more popular than saga. Not only that but its story is better fit for T.V. as SAGA would be over the top and I imagine super expensive to produce without looking cheesy. Meanwhile the MD story has a start and most definitely an ending which can be told in a nice 5-7 season span. Also MD has less than half of the number of books SAGA printed for #1.
      Long story short to answer your question I believe we have not seen the top on MD by any means, and in the long run I believe it can go bigger than SAGA. I view it as more a 2-3 year play or longer for big bucks. Once you sell them they are gone and hard to get back, if you have like 3 sets. save them, if you have like 10+ sure peal some off whenever you want the uptrend will be slow and steady.
      It’s plenty of other books to flip within days/weeks and let go out of the collection not worrying about it later. MD isn’t one of them.

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