Haunted #2 a book to keep an eye on

Mark R. sent me an email asking what the print run on Haunted #2 from Red 5 comics was. I took a look and could not find it, that may be a good thing and I will explain. 
Haunted #1, out in April from Red 5, sold out quickly as it was delivered to stores already having a media deal with Bryan Singers production company. The book came out with a print run of 1,841 copies. Haunted #2, out in May, did not make it to the top 400 published books for the month so the reporting for the book’s print run does not show up. The lowest print run of a book for May in the top 400 had a print run of 1,156 copies. That means Haunted #2 had a print run less of 1,155 copies or lower. Pretty small for a book with a media deal. Very small for a book if the media deal results in production. Might be a good idea to grab a copy or two.
Copies of Haunted #2 can be found on eBay for as little as $3.99 and at Lone Star Comics starting at $5.

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  1. I’m actually enjoying this series. When I picked up #2 at my local shop, I had to choose the best one out of like 3 total, the other two were pretty banged up as well.

  2. I really like the series as well, haven’t had much luck flipping it though. I mean it sells just not for huge money. Number 2 was really hard to find and it looks like the same thing is happening with Brass Sun 2 this week.

      1. Also for those that missed out, seems Midtown has some Brass Sun #1 available as well. Still “sold out” though on #2.

  3. completely off topic. adventures with superman 14 seems to be heating up as is a surprisingly overprinted Outcast.

    1. It’s not surprising, Dude has built up a rabid fan base and they just minted a nice few hundred thousand fiat cash for one month. Since some image books are getting 25k-50k for #1 lately, and if this outcast happens to be 100k, the surprising thing to me will be that they didn’t go for MORE books printed. As it would be surely money in the bank.

      1. Usually initial print runs are printed to the amount of orders made. If you just start printing more without the orders coming in, then your just throwing away your profit margin.

        1. Most companies do an over print to allow for some reorders. Boom has a couple books where they are not doing it now and allowing the books to be returnable, so retailers can order as many as they want and return the unsold ones. But, companies do usually do a small over print.
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      2. True, I was just trying to clarify the notion of “didn’t go for MORE books printed”… You don’t want to go overboard, that’s when you lose money and I don’t think any publisher wants thousands of extras lying around, not when they could have used the paper and ink to print the next comic that does sell. 🙂

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