Poyo's Spec and Drek for August 12th, 2018

Welcome once again to the wonderful world of Poyo, where you get a peek inside my mind on what I’m buying, spec’ing, reading and what to avoid. I may not always be right but every so often I even surprise myself.
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Wednesday Winner: Spook #1

I love walking into the comic shop on Wednesdays and picking up my new books. I love it even more when a book that you can pick up on Wednesday is selling for multiple times cover price shortly after. Spook #1 (Red 5) is one of those books.


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Haunted #2 a book to keep an eye on

Mark R. sent me an email asking what the print run on Haunted #2 from Red 5 comics was. I took a look and could not find it, that may be a good thing and I will explain.  Continue reading “Haunted #2 a book to keep an eye on”

The Haunted #1 (Red 5) Comics Print Run

Remember a few months ago we mentioned this book, and then a few weeks ago we told you about it again. The Haunted #1from Red 5 Comics print run is out and it is tiny. This book was already optioned by Bryan Singer’s production company months ago.  Continue reading “The Haunted #1 (Red 5) Comics Print Run”