Larry's Comics pick of the week for Delivery 7/23/14

As you have heard me say before, Larry Doherty of is a speculation wizard. He has been dead on so many times in his picks that I cannot even count. For those of you old enough to catch the reference, he is the EF Hutton of comic spec. He is also one of the inspirations for me doing this site, as he used to publish Larry’s speculation newsletter which I lived off. Here is Larry’s pick of the week.
Amazing Spider-Man #4? 1st appearance of Silke is NOT a clean 1st appearance.
Doctor Who 10th & 11th Doctor #1? Sure if you can snag variants at cover. The Doctor is an online Disney-esque” Beast.
LIFE WITH ARCHIE COMIC #36 & #37? That window is closing fast.
RAGNAROK #1 ? Great read, poor speculator-y play.
ZOMBIE TRAMP ONGOING #1? Too many covers & NOT a 1st appearance.
My pick of the week:
(W) Robert J. Sodaro (A) Rachele Aragno, Dave Ryan (CA) Rachele Aragno
NYC, 1945, three mystical private detective sisters, better known as Owlgirls, live in a mortuary in SoHo. Often doing the bidding of Death by tracking down supernatural creatures, they also investigate murders, unsolved cases, and assist in sundry other paranormal activities.
Microscopic print run that in addition to appealing to the Wednesday Warriors can also service the recent fangirl explosion to the industry. Strong female lead charachters & an element of fun made me pull the trigger on this sure to be tough to find #1.

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