Low #1 Sold Out

Zig writes for comicsheatingup.net
Low #1 was recently released from Image. It’s another Rick Remender book, and he has been on fire lately.

The regular cover of Low #1 is already starting to see some price spikes, which is really no surprise. This is based on the news we always like to see, it sold out. And like most good Image comics it is going to a second printing. The second printing will hit stores 8/27, the same week as the second issue.
There were several variants that came out as well:
Austin Books Variant – can be found for $5
Beach Ball Comics Variant– sells for $9
Newbury Comics Variant – sells for $10
Comic Bug Store Variant– sells for $11
Forbidden Planet Jetpack Comics Variant – Sells for $14
SDCC Variant – is the big daddy, it sells for $35 to $75, depending if it has the suction cup mark on the cover.
Remender is all the rage lately since Black Science. Keep an eye out for his other books as they might be worth the pick up.
Until next time, This is Zip signing off.
Until next time, This is Zip signing off.

11 thoughts on “Low #1 Sold Out”

  1. Is there no love for Deadly Class? The first issue was bad but it really picked up after that. Issue #4-6 are great.

    1. I love Black Science. Deadly Class didn’t make my cut, maybe it got better but my list is already huge so I’m likely going to keep skipping it for now, seems issues 3 and beyond are still easily available at all my local shops.
      I actually haven’t read Low yet, I’m actually behind.. 🙁

  2. Of course I delay on the newbury and sold out now. ohwell.
    I wonder why no controversy with this cover. Saga #1 got controversy for breast feeding i thought. Yet this Newbury cover of Low has a whole boob hanging out for everyone to see and nobody says a word..

  3. I had a hard time reading through this one. The art doesn’t seem like it helps tell the story. It’s like looking through a rainy glass window. It has a lot of hype, but seems to fall short.

    1. I didn’t set my expectations too high on this one but the art didn’t bother me, I liked the style but it did seem rough in some areas. I’ll probably pick up #2 but this one is definitely on the probationary watch, could get dropped if #2 doesn’t impress me further.

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