Illegal Kickstarter live.

I do love kickstarters, and while I am no scifi guy, I thought this one was interesting.
Today marks the first full week of the Kickstarter campaign for writer Jeremy Whitley and artist Heather Nunnelly’s new project “Illegal”. The first evening of the campaign after its five p.m. launch saw a burst of enthusiastic funding for the new comic book series, which raised $1,000 overnight.
“Illegal” is the tale of an undocumented immigrant, Gianna DelRey, in a dystopian near-future America. Gianna and her mother left behind an abusive father and husband for the hope of a new life. However, that new life has been less than what they hoped for. In Gianna’s America the rich live in skyscrapers thousands of feet above ground where they’ve created communities they never have to leave. The poor, however, are forced to live in their shadow on the ground levels – which are rampant with crime and heavily patrolled. All citizens are micro-chipped at birth and every move is tracked by the government. This makes undocumented immigrants immediately identifiable, but also makes their ability to move without being seen a valuable resource.
The series will follow Gianna as one of her rich employers decides to turn her in and she is forced to go on the run. Gianna will be faced with the decision of whether to keep running or to fight back against a system that treats her as less than human.
The goal of the Kickstarter is to raise enough money to fund the first 5-issue volume of the “Illegal” series. The initial goal is $6,000 and the creators have already established a number of advanced stretch goals to enhance the series release and to produce the rest of the planned 15-issue series.
The Kickstarter will be running until September 7th.
To help fund the project, go to:

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