X-Force #11: A Comic Heating Up?

We have been mentioning the early appearances of Deadpool and the potential for them to pop. Some of them have, and others are starting to. X-Force #2 being the obvious one.
But another early Deadpool appearance is starting to heat up. Just this weekend, copies of X-Force #11 have been going for crazy money. One X-Force #11 Newstand copy went for over $30. Other copies have been going for well above the $10 mark. Cheap copies having been selling off as well. A CGC 9.8 sold for over $80. While another sold for well above $70.
This issue not only features an early appearance of Deadpool, but features the first appearance of the character Domino, which is a double whammy, as an X-force movie could feature her prominently.
Check your lcs for copies. Flip some, keep some. This could be a quick profit and a long term investment.
Never thought I would say that for this book.

19 thoughts on “X-Force #11: A Comic Heating Up?”

  1. LOL Yeah I have a couple of these. Deadpool with his giant thigh. I like Liefeld but this cover isn’t very good. He draws feet much better now though.

    1. As a kid, I thought all those rippling muscles were cool on super heroes. Not so much nowadays, I don’t miss the overly done super hero steroid muscles anymore.. 😉

  2. its always nice to see posts like this and then go back and look at collections you what never have thought to be anything. Recently I looked at my X-force’s with all the hypes and I have 2 copies of 2 and 11..I hope more of these catch fire because I have a lot of the earlier ones.

  3. Sitting on at least 20 of each X force 2 and 11..probably 5 newsstand copies of each in there. Should I sell now,hold or wait til’ Deadpool movie is close ??(I know it’s a couple of years away) Your input is always appreciated…

    1. The best way to figure this out is to know how much you are into them for. If you can sell a couple to break even do it that way you can hold the rest and move later. These kinds of books are always tricky. They move up and down on a whim. I am always for profit taking. I am sitting on some 2’s and do plan to grab a couple 11’s though.
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      1. Thanks Anthony…all of these issues cost me 1.00 to 1.50 each,so after selling a few copies,I would make that $ back. Will probably sell 1/2 of each issue and cash out early and hold other 1/2 to see …thanks again !

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