Wytches Francavilla Variant heating up

Wytches, Scott Snyder’s new Image book, will be out this Wednesday, and people are already clamoring for the variant covers.
One cover in particular is selling on eBay for up to $50 on pre-order. That cover is the Wytches #1 Fourth World Variant featuring a cover by Francisco Francavilla. There are copies starting for .99 cents though.
The book can be ordered directly from the comic shop for $10 here.
It remains to be seen how prices are going to end on the book, but there are solid bids early on. There are several buy it nows that have completed for $30.

9 thoughts on “Wytches Francavilla Variant heating up”

  1. Francavilla and the CBLDF variant are my favorites out of the bunch. The Ghost freaks me out, super creepy. I’m guessing the CBLDF variant is going to be the hardest to acquire/most valued. I also like to NYCC variant, Midtown and Hastings covers fall short in fitting with a horror book to me.

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