Wytches #2 Third Eye Variant

Super pumped about Wytches. After walking away from New York Comic Con with some of the NYCC variants, and the movie announcement, and the fact the comic just kicked so much butt right out of the stable, Wytches has become one of my new obsessions.

I know I am not alone on that. Well, one of my local Comic shops, Third eye Comics is doing a Wytches #2 Third Eye Variant with cover art by Declan Shalvy. It will be one of 2 variants they are doing for Wytches, Issue 2 and Issue 3 will be connecting covers.
I will be offering a signed edition in the near future (January) for this and #3, plus a graded CBCS version (more on that to come).
In the mean time, you can preorder Wytches #2 Third Eye Variant straight from Third Eye.

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    1. for real, Thirdeyecomics on ebay is the best deal, you get this cover and the phantom for 25 bucks and free shipping

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