Wytches #2 Phantom Variants

We spotlighted the cover for the Wytches #2 Third Eye Variants last night. Today, Larry from Larry’s comics sent these over today.
These are the Phantom variant and black and white Phantom Variant for Wytches #2. The print run for the black and white Phantom is 500 copies. This is the same print run as the NYCC Variant for #1 and you see what that is doing.


You can contact Larry directly about these or other Phantom Variants at larryscomicsinc@aol.com

9 thoughts on “Wytches #2 Phantom Variants”

  1. Fantastic spec here. I just got one of the black and white variants for $60 from thirdeyecomics at eBay. There’s 2 left. At sixty it’s a STEAL! Wytches is an amazing comic and with a movie in the works these short printed variants will shoot up in price.

  2. Are these variants something you view as a quicker flip or something you’ll hang on to for a bit and then strike down the road?

    1. Personally, because I love this series anyways (plus the movie), I will hold on to it for a while until the movie comes out. However I think these will be a good flip in a few weeks. Once they sell out in stores and from third eye they will be wanted. People always pay a high price too. Like Tony said, look at the current NYCC variant price.

  3. Quick flips I say, as time passes they’ll cool off. When the movie hits (if it does), they’ll go back up but then cool off most likely again. So if you can get them cheap now, I say flip them quickly if you want to make profit. If you can get more than one, flip one now to pay for your investment and then gamble by holding some down the road.

  4. I’d sell immediately. It’s not a #1, it’s 500 printed yet so is the already elite NYCC, nor am I under the impression it is a first appearance issue pivotal to the series.

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