Roman Ritual #1: A post pick of the week

I love horror comics. They are primarily what I collect. The more horrific the better. I picked up one this week that was incredible. Roman Ritual #1 from Amigo Comics by El Torres, Jamie Martinez, and Diego Galindo was just what I was looking for this Halloween season.

Trust me, if you are a fan of horror, especially of possession stories like the Exorcist, this one is for you. The story in Roman Ritual follows fallen priest John Brennan as he is doing exorcisms in the Amazon. He excorcises a young girl and is met by a helicopter waiting to whisk him away back to the Vatican with a full pardon for his previous actions if he will help them with their little problem (ok it is a huge and shocking problem).
The art is good, the story and pacing are solid, and this reads like the intro to a modern horror film. Amigo comics out out one of my other favorite horror books, Westwood Witches, a while back so I picked Roman Ritual up on a whim. I was absolutely surprised at how much I loved it. But with scenes like this it is no surprise why I loved it.

Overall Roman Ritual is a solid book from a small publisher that will have a small print run. With a story tied to exorcism and the Catholic Church, with a big surprise at the end, I could see this getting attention.
Roman Ritual is a fantastic scare this Halloween season. Creepy, atmospheric, and damn scary in parts, it is just what I was looking for.

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