Infinity War Spec with some Guardians of the Galaxy Spec thrown in

Nicc T. writes for Infinity War has jumped up in price overnight. Copies are flying off eBay. Here is an additional book to look at in relation to Avengers Infinity War and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.
Since the Infinity Gauntlet was shown way back in Thor, and when we saw Thanos after the Avengers, I have been grabbing up copies of Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, and Infinity Crusade. We’ve seen rises of Infinity Gauntlet after people realized the gauntlet was shown. Even more now since Josh Brolin held it up at the comic con. Marvel announced that the third installment of The Avengers will be called Infinity War, which has sent the full sets doubling and then some. Previous sets would go for anywhere between $10-$15 some maybe topping at $24.99. That number now on eBay is rising above $60 and will surely go up.
So why are we leaving out a wonderfully awesome series such as Warlock and the Infinity Watch? The cover is fantastic, it ran for a respectable 42 issues and it is clearly stated on the cover as, “The Aftermath of The Infinity Gauntlet”. This comic is beyond cheap at the moment for 1-2 dollars and it’s a direct tie-in to the events that will be happening in the movies.
This is very undervalued. The set even more so. Get in while the getting is good.
On a side note, there was a seller who had listed 266 copies of Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1. One sold almost instantly. And then someone bought the other 265 copies after the announcement of the Infinity War movie.
Not only does this tie into Avengers Infinity War, the book also is tied potentially to Guardians of the Galaxy 2. The book focuses on Warlock, whose cocoon was shown in Guardians 1, so it may have been more than just an Easter egg. Warlock could appear in the second Guardians movie. He is closely tied to Thanos, and it would make sense that he and the Guardians could cross over into Infinity War. But more than just Warlock, Gamora and Drax, who were both main characters in Guardians also star in this book. It wouldn’t be a far stretch to see the characters from Guardians appearing in Avengers Infinity War.

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  1. Great artlce! My only issue is that most of these have super high print runs and like X-Force 2 will soon experience the same market saturation. In my opinion the best bet for the Warlock and the Infinity Watch spec-The last few issues. They are tough to find and have much lower print runs due to lack of readership.

  2. I just nabbed a BIN for about $4.00 for Infinity War #1. I’m not going to bother with gathering all of these most likely, just some NM for my own collection. I think these will go up in value but don’t expect them to sky rocket, everyone will dig into their back issue boxes to try and make a buck, these are just too easy to get. Finding them in NM+ condition is the way to go though, those will be the ones that retain any value, once the movies come out.

      1. Yeah, the sets seem to do well right now. It’ll be a roller coaster ride though, go up now when announcements made, cool off until movies come out. Maybe a few bumps if more announcements made in coming months or year.

          1. Very nice. Yeah, right now is the time to sell if you do intend to sell them. Then I think once it gets closer to the movie being released, more people will be seeking these out.

  3. I’m trying to put together a really nice Civil War set for my collection (I originally read this one on my Marvel Unlimited app), like 9.8 (if CGC were to grade them). I nabbed a #1 which is definitely a 9.8 quality for about $40 alone.
    I’ve been scoping out some Infinity Gauntlet #1 in NM+ condition but haven’t found any yet to splurge on.

  4. I picked up a NM Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1 signed(in gold for the American Diabetes Association) by Angel Medina(with a Starbase K-7 certificate of authenticity) at a local variety shop for .50 cents! In your opinion, did I find a gem?

      1. Thanks for the advice! That variety shop has thousands of comics(all bagged and boarded) for .50 cents a piece!Is there anything obscure or cooled down I should be looking for the next time I visit that shop?

  5. Midtown has been listing these all weekend at competitive rates with eBay. I’ve been eating them up. I am all in with this one. I have missed the boat with the other film releases but not this time. I’m going to be ready to sell some soon to recoup my investment and then reload for the releases.

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