Rob Liefeld mentions Cable coming to theaters

Rob Liefeld gave the interview below at Comikaze, he talks about many things including the Deadpool movie. But the odd thing is he mentions Cable coming to the big screens.

Actually not that odd since it has already been talked about that an X-Force movie could be in the works.
Makes New Mutants #87, X-Force #1 and New Mutants #100 more interesting.

6 thoughts on “Rob Liefeld mentions Cable coming to theaters”

      1. I’m glad we may be seeing Cable, but I’m still wanting Mr. Sinister in the films. He was directly connected to Apocalypse as well.
        X-Force #1 is super easy to find in dollar bins. I’m thinking Cable #1 may be a good grab too.

  1. Seriously. These are books a few years ago I would have given away for free. But if X-Force #2 has taught me anything, it’s taught me people don’t care about high print runs when demand is there.

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