Deadpool 2: Time to pay the Cable bill

Thanks to Alana for the write up.
Looks like Cable is coming to the big screen and time to get in on some Cable keys before they go up. Not just Cable books either, you can further speculate if we have Cable and Deadpool in movies now that X-Force wouldn’t be too far down the road. I find the addition of Cable to Fox movies very exciting, can easily tie in to other mutant movies down the road with the time travel. Reason being, if Fox were to tie X-Force with their new X-Men line up and even possibly New Mutants as well in to a couple movies, it could rival, even surpass, the story line of MCU movies leading to the Infinity movies. There’s many more Cable keys then what I’m going to list here but these are the ones to get on now. Continue reading “Deadpool 2: Time to pay the Cable bill”

Rob Liefeld mentions Cable coming to theaters

Rob Liefeld gave the interview below at Comikaze, he talks about many things including the Deadpool movie. But the odd thing is he mentions Cable coming to the big screens. Continue reading “Rob Liefeld mentions Cable coming to theaters”