Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

In one of the best casting choices in a long time, just from looks alone, Margot Robbie has been picked to play Harley Quinn in the 2016 DC movie Suicide Squad.

Margot Robbie, shown above, has been selected to play Harley Quinn as reported by Collider
Of course, we have been talking about a Suicide Squad movie going back as far as February of this year. But we have only started hearing rumblings of a potential Harley connection in the past couple of days. Now it is confirmed.
Harley Quinn first appeared in BATMAN ADVENTURES #12, which is already a pricey book in NM condition, but is about to explode. Kudos to those who pulled the trigger on a copy in the past few days before the announcement.
Harley appeared next in BATMAN ADVENTURES MAD LOVE which is also a sought after and pricey book. People make fun of people who chase second appearances, but here is a prime example of why.
Harley’s first appearance in the DCU proper was in the 1999 BATMAN : HARLEY QUINN ONE SHOT. Be careful of this one. There were reprints and it is hard to tell by the cover alone what printing it is.
Harley’s first series was HARLEY QUINN #1 which should be looked at, as well as her recent New 52 series which started with HARLEY QUINN #0 and with a new HARLEY QUINN #1.
Suicide Squad, or at least it’s current incarnation, first appeared in LEGENDS # 3, which I have been picking up as I see them for cheap, but has started to really rise on the secondary market. They continued on in their self-titled series starting with Suicide Squad #1 (1987).
Since this is a Suicide Squad featuring Harley, Suicide Squad #1 (2012), should be looked at as well, a somewhat cheat pickup, as the team centers around her. Along with the first issue, Suicide Squad #6 (2012) and Suicide Squad #7 (2012) feature the Origin of the New 52 Harley.

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    1. I’d hold onto BA 12. The non key Harley related books I’d let go of now. Lots should do well. I’d move the second appearance now, yet 2nd appearances have no appeal to me so others may feel differently. Legends 3 I’d hold for the movie release. I suspect this may lead to a HQ feature or is seeing her more on film down the road. If DEadpool gets the green light I can see HQ getting the same treatment as she has a large fan base of both men and women.

  1. “Batman Almost Got ‘Im” isn’t a comic book, it is a book based on the animated series and doesn’t qualify as a first appearance in a comic IMO. Everyone already knew Harley wasn’t created in comics, but in the animated series.

  2. Check out the CGC HQ thread on the Almost Got Im book. It did not come out in 99. The guys over there have gone so far as to contact the book company that made it. While there is still some debate as to the actual publication date it looks like it was made prior to BA 12.

    1. Actually . Not many people know about this book. I believe it will catch on fire one day . Plus I’m sure it rarer then BA 12.

  3. There is a Batman The Animated Series coloring book that came out sometime in 1993 according to the copyright on the book. It has no month indicated. It has the same dimensions as a comic and has a single image of Harley Quinn in black and white (it is a coloring book). It is clearly not a comic because it has no story, but for Harley Quinn completists, this might be worth pursuing. Without the month, though, it is difficult to determine if this is a first appearance in print form.

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