Ash Vs. Evil Dead coming to TV

Collider ran the story that Sam Raimi is bringing his horror classic Evil Dead to TV in a series of 10 half hour shows.
Sam is set to write the first episode with his brother Ivan, and Sam is set to direct. Bruce Campbell will return as Ash, a character that helped to make him famous.

Ash has appeared in comic form numerous times. It is unsure if this show will have any effect on prices, but it is a fun book to chase.
The most loyal book to the original cannon is the 2008 Evil Dead from Dark Horse adaptation of the movie.
Ash’s first appearance in comics was way back to the 1992 Army of Darkness (Dark Horse).
Of course, there is the now classic Marvel Zombies Vs. Army of Darkness which featured Ash in the Marvel Universe.

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  1. Great news. Thanks for sharing this Anthony. How potentially Cool this could be with both Raimi & Campbell back together on the project that gave them such fame. Could be the perfect inspiration for Bruce as well to get super fit for the role & deliver a final Hoorah to the original franchise. Come on Bruce, let Ash shed those deadite extra pounds & kick some army of darkness butt 🙂

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