Wytches Thought Bubble Variants at Forbidden Planet

Just a heads up, a friend turned me on to this one since my Thought Bubbles variant fell through.
Forbidden Planet UK is offering a Thought Bubble Variant for Wytches #2. These have been going for $60 plus on ebay. They have them for £14.99 which is $23.47 in US Dollars. Shipping is (as I was quoted by a friend) about £8 bringing the total to about $36. Still cheaper than ebay and still room to flip the book for profit.

15 thoughts on “Wytches Thought Bubble Variants at Forbidden Planet”

  1. We’ll see if it actually happens. This is a pre-order so they may cancel it (like they did with the NYCC variant). Nonetheless, I put my order in!

      1. I hope that’s the case. I pre-ordered yesterday, after checking over the weekend and not seeing anything. Hopefully I got in!

    1. I just got confirmation that the order is in process and I need to approve the GBP 8.00 shipping. Total came to GBP 22.99 (approximately $36 USD). Not bad.
      I notice they also now have the NYCC variant for GBP 75 ($117 USD).

      1. Ha! I gotta slow down a bit on all the variant buying. I never got into WTD so I don’t feel like I’m missing much.

  2. Ok, I get the crazy fallout over the first issue variants, but will the variants of issues 2, 3,4 ….. hold their value over time or is this just a quick flip book ? Thoughts

  3. Got my order in, it closed about ten minutes later. Hopefully it goes through, if it does I’ll end up with 2 copies for $82 and if not the one from ebay is garunteed.

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