Comic Xposure Spider-man #9 Contest winner

Hey everyone, Thanks for your patience. This was supposed to go off this morning, but have been home with a sick child and have just made it to my computer. So let’s get to giving away some comics.

The set of Amazing Spider-man #9 Comic Xposure Variants goes to Ray Niederhausen.
Please email me your address at
Thanks to everyone who entered. Will be giving away some Walking Dead books this week thanks to Agentpoyo, so keep an eye out on Friday.

11 thoughts on “Comic Xposure Spider-man #9 Contest winner”

    1. I can substitute it for any book you dont like if you want to keep the streak alive. šŸ˜‰ seriously though. I hope giving away all the prizes i have been giving away will bring me some good karma and i will win the lottery.

      1. So what about getting Canada involved in these draws? Would love some free Walking Dead books! What do we have to do to make this happen?

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