WINNERS Announcement for ComicsHeatingUp Contest Giveaway

Announcing the winners for the CHU Contest Giveaway, the contest where you had to work a little harder than just entering your name.

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Comicsheatingup Wednesday Giveaway

A while back we featured the ComicXposure Swords Of Sorrow #1 Nei Ruffino variant as a Variant Envy. This weeks giveaway is that book. Nei Ruffino is a talented former tattoo artist turned artist and color artist. She often colors for J. Scott Campbell. Anyway on to the giveaway.   Continue reading “Comicsheatingup Wednesday Giveaway”

Comic Xposure Zombie Tramp Variant winner

Thanks to everyone who entered. Also, big thanks to for providing so many awesome variants to give away. Make sure to check out their Enormous NYCC variant (still a few left) their Amazing Spiderman #9 color and black and white variant, and their upcoming Star Wars #1 Variant. Continue reading “Comic Xposure Zombie Tramp Variant winner”

Agent Poyo's Walking Dead Contest

Our friend (and frequent commentator) Agent Poyo recently sent me a couple of Walking Dead issues to give away. (He is just that kind of guy.) So here we go with another free comic give away. Continue reading “Agent Poyo's Walking Dead Contest”

Comicxposure variants contest winners

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the Variant give away. Trying to continue the giveaways between now and Christmas, as everyone loves free comics. Here are the winners. Continue reading “Comicxposure variants contest winners” Variant give away

I love the guys at They put out the rad NYCC Enormous #4 Variants. They put out the awesome Amazing Spiderman #9 variants (we gave those away too.) And they have some really cool variants coming out. Check out the ones we are giving away. Continue reading “ Variant give away”

Comic Xposure Spider-man #9 Contest winner

Hey everyone, Thanks for your patience. This was supposed to go off this morning, but have been home with a sick child and have just made it to my computer. So let’s get to giving away some comics.
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