Cyber Monday: Walking Dead Mystery Boxes still available and with free shipping

The Black Friday Walkind Dead Mystery Boxes are still available if you were on the fence about ordering them. If you jumped in early like me, you missed out on free shipping. See past the bump for details:

welcome to Cyber-Monday
The Mystery Boxes can be found here. If you use code “shipbound” for US shipping and “intshipbound” for international orders for free shipping.
For US shipping you can get free USPS Priority Express one day shipping as an option, pretty sweet.
The box is loaded with the Walking Dead #1 black 10th anniversary variant, 2 more Skybound variants, 4 t-shirts, and 2 more mystery items, (Which could be a guitar!)

24 thoughts on “Cyber Monday: Walking Dead Mystery Boxes still available and with free shipping”

  1. This is so awesome!! I’ve seen the black anniversary comic selling for around $30 by itself on ebay. If anything you could flip the comic and only be $20 into it. Not a bad deal. As for me, I’m keeping mine for a while.

  2. Just ordered my 2nd one a minute ago and got the free shipping. Thanks for the heads up!!! The first one I paid shipping on. I hope these aren’t ‘cheap’ looking (I don’t think they will be, I’m just sayin’).

  3. I’m with you on that. I bought multiples, and hope that I can sell the shirts for what I spent. Some nice action figures or a statue would be effing awesome too. I bought too many!

  4. If you look at your invoice (confirmation email) what’s your shipping discounts? Mine is showing $35.35 for shipping. Seems a little high so maybe they’re big??? Do others have the same shipping amount?

      1. So my box was $14.65. Interesting ours are not the same. Maybe the clue to the guitar and or statues is in the shipping charges?

      1. 1x Skybound Mystery Box – 2XL – Shirts for $50.00 each
        Discount (code: SHIPBOUND): $-35.35 USD
        Subtotal : $14.65 USD
        Shipping : $35.35 USD
        Total : $50.00 USD

  5. that sucks mine was only
    1x Skybound Mystery Box – 2XL for $50.00 each
    Subtotal : $50.00 USD
    Shipping : $12.78 USD
    Total : $62.78 USD
    also had to pay for shipping ordered it on black Friday. I guess mine will just be junk. Also order 2x shirts because idk if they were 100% cotton and would shrink. Does anyone know when they will ship? Im also thinking of doing an unboxing video be curious to see what everyone else got.

  6. Anthony I think that be cool. ill definitely do one I just want to see what everyone gets. Its like a way better loot crate lol. Seems odd to be almost charged $46 for shipping inside the us but be cool to get a statue or guitar.

  7. 1x Skybound Mystery Box – 2XL for $50 each
    Subtotal $50
    Shipping $11.39
    Total $61.39
    I sent them an e-mail to ask about free shipping…

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