Walking Dead Season 5 Midseason finally spec

Man, brutal ending to the midseason of the Walking Dead Season 5. I am keeping this spoiler free so, it is ok to read if you haven’t watched the show yet.
In the previews of the beginning of next season, there is talks of being only an hour away from a safe community. Sounds a bit like Alexandria. The writers have also said they were sticking closer to the comic this year and Alexandria shows up just a few issues after the Fear the Hunter story line, in Walking Dead #69. Prices are a little high on this one but there are auctions starting around $3.
Some clues from comicbook.com that support the theory:

In the series’ November 2 episode, Noah told Beth that he’s from Richmond, Virginia, “where they have walls.” Whether Richmond is another of the settlements or it will take the place of Alexandria isn’t immediately clear.

Also, Kirkman recently stated that Daryl is not gay, but a gay character would be introduced shortly. Could this be the fan favorite Jesus? Paul Monroe has a cameo in Walking Dead #91 and his first full appearance in Walking Dead #92.
And, if we are getting into it, we know Negan will be coming. So this would be just a hop skip and a jump from seeing him, if we already haven’t. Time to start looking at Walking Dead #100 for the first Negan appearance, especially the short printed Walking Dead #100 Second Print

24 thoughts on “Walking Dead Season 5 Midseason finally spec”

  1. i got the 2nd print signed in NY by kirkman, black pen 🙁
    you all know the cover is almost all black, you can still notice the signature, it got 9.8 grade
    the cool thing…..i got the guy that is inking the book now to sign it and he did a little Glenn doodle on it 🙂
    on a side note, what about those third print connecting that formed a giant Negan? i think thats another safe bet if you buy it at cover price.

  2. My wife was shocked they killed Beth last night. I have to keep reminding her, no one is safe except Rick. When Rick dies, the show is over.
    She said she was just starting to like Beth and I told her, that’s the point. Most thought she was kind of annoying in the beginning, then right when you start liking her, bam, they’re dead. 😉

                1. I applaud all the kills as well. Kill’em all except Rick. When Rick dies, show over. If they kill him before the end, I’m done watching as well. 😉

                2. Rick is going to die eventually, Carl might take over.. You know how Walking Dead goes.. but yeah kill off Daryl and Rick now.. Show’s ratings are over!

          1. Oh and even their Facebook page announced the death on their feed before the West Coast could watch.. very funny. 🙂

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