Image with three new sold out books leading into Wednesday

I always enjoy looking at the books coming out each week that are sold out or near sold out. This week, Image three new books coming out that have already sold out before the books are even on the shelf.
When we report a book sells out, we are talking about at the distributor level, this does not mean you will not be able to find them on the store shelf, it means that once the books are gone from the local comic shop level, they will not be able to order more first prints. Terry Hoknes usually puts out a more comprehensive list, which I am sure we will see later this week, but here is the quick version.
Birthright #3
Humans #2
Tooth And Claw #2 Ben Dewey Cover
Tooth And Claw #2 Alex Ross cover

5 thoughts on “Image with three new sold out books leading into Wednesday”

    1. Same here. I actually enjoyed Tooth and Claw as well, looking forward to #2 with that one as well. Humans isn’t a bad read either.

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