Walking Dead Mystery box print run

Kudos to Skybound for doing something different as a publisher and putting out a mystery box this year for the Thanksgiving (Black Friday and Cyber-Monday) weekend. Mystery boxes are nothing new as many companies, such as Loot Crate, have been doing them for a while, but this is the first time I have seen a publisher do one.
The Mystery Boxes each had a Walking Dead #1 Black 10th Anniversary Variant in them (already selling on eBay for $30 alone on pre-order). Then they throw in 4 t-shirts, two more Skybound Variants, and two more mystery items, which could be anything including a $400 guitar, and the boxes are set to be money makers.
The mystery boxes sold out earlier today, which is no surprise as at $50 plus a code released for free shipping (including international) caused people to order multiples.
We have it on fairly good word that the boxes were limited to 2,000 sets. So it looks like the print run size of the Walking Dead #1 Black 10th Anniversary Variant will be about 2,000 copies as well.
I would imagine we will see more publishers and imprints doing this kind of thing in the future.

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  1. I’d love to see more exclusive offers like this from the publishers. Pretty excited to hear the print run might be around 2,000. Not super small but I’m sure there’s more than 2,000 WD completionists that’ll be chasing this book. Lets hope they all arrive safely.

  2. I ordered 2 boxes. One I paid for shipping and the other I got free shipping thanks to this site 🙂 1/2 price shipping? Not too shabby. Very excited to get these!

  3. I got my skybound mystery box shipping was right nothing big. I deleted my unboxing video by accident on this new phone but posted up videos on istagram. The tshirts are 100% cotton but 2xl was huge hopefully they shrink. Variants were ghosted 6 image expo and twd 128 nycc varaint that matches up w manifest destiny. Toys that were like army men w negan nd a leather wrist strap what everyone else get

        1. Cars are expensive to ship…..
          mine looked like this:
          1x Skybound Mystery Box – X-Large – Shirts for $50.00 each
          Discount (code: SHIPBOUND): $-46.00 USD
          Subtotal : $4.00 USD
          Shipping : $46.00 USD
          Total : $50.00 USD

  4. I got the TWD 129 Comic Con variant (San Diego?) and Ghosted #1, Walking Dead magazine #3, 4 t-shirts (3 black unfortunately – I don’t like black shirts), walking dead season 2 xbox 360 download code, skybound coupon, walking Dead hat, Super Dinosaur lunchbox and band aids, and a little toy Carl (unpainted)

  5. I ordered 3. First one came in yesterday and I lucked out I guess. Similar to everyone else but I got a Daryl Dixon 10 inch Deluxe Action Figure. Pretty sweet.

    1. My first box was not so lucky. Got the Super Dinosaur lunch box, the Carl little army man guys, a Walking Dead bracelet (the little hologram ones…), band aids, Walking Dead 1 10th Anniv. Cover, Birthright 1 NYCC, Walking Dead 1 Arizona Comic Con Var., plus the four shirts.
      Not disappointed but not over the top

  6. Paid a total of $170 for 3 mystery boxes. Pre sold the 3 copies of the anniversary comic for $40 Each and the daryl dixon figure for $50. So I’ve already broke even and lots more stuff to still get. I knew these would be $$ makers

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