KGBeast and Doomsday to potentially appear in Batman Vs. Superman

Comics Alliance reported the Batman villain The KGBeast will appear in the Batman Vs. Superman Dawn of Justice Movie.
We had mentioned last month that there were rumors he was possibly appearing in the film. Online Buzz is showing this may be dead on.
KGBeast first appeared in the classic “Ten Nights of the Beast” storyline that started in Batman #417.
In addition to the KGBeast, Doomsday is rumored to appear. Numerous online sources, such as Batman News, are stating that Doomsday may appear. Bleeding Cool mentioned that character designs for the Superman Killer has been seen. Doomsday made his cameo was in Superman Man of Steel #17 and his first full appearance was in Superman Man of Steel #18.

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  1. I cant wait for this one. I am a huge superman fan and the fact that only doomsday was the ONLY thing to kill him is the best comic history ever. Was a little to young when the whole drama took place in the 90’s but I would of loved to be there. I would of probably cried too lol. Just hope that he does make an appearance and a long one. Not like the marvel movies where they just give you a tease lol.

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