Agent Poyo's Walking Dead Contest

Our friend (and frequent commentator) Agent Poyo recently sent me a couple of Walking Dead issues to give away. (He is just that kind of guy.) So here we go with another free comic give away.
Up for grabs, Walking Dead #100 2nd print (small print run and first Negan) and a Walking Dead #115 blank sketch variant in which Agent Poyo has done an homage to issue 100 (see below).
Walking Dead is on hiatus until February so I need some zombie stories. In the comment section, tell us if things went south and the dead came back to life, where would you bug out to? What place in your area would you use as a stronghold? For me there is a car dealership up the street from my office that is totally fortified. Roll down bars over the front windows, huge heavily fenced back lot, and a ton of cars and trucks that could be used to fortify the fences (the dealership is in a bad area). So I could be wrong but if I had to escape, there are a ton of box vans used to escape, plus they have their own gas pumps.
So that is all you have to do. Tell us where you would bug out to and use as a stronghold. Winner gets both books.

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  1. good in vancouver there’s not a lot of places to hide. I’d probably head north where it’s much less populated, find a cabin and hole up there. Take up hunting and live a peaceful life until old age….lol

  2. If the dead came back to life, I would take my entire family to my work. I work at a psych hospital. It’s a locked unit. No one gets in and no one gets out without a key. I can control who comes and goes. It has a full kitchen so there is plenty of food supply. I also have access to medications and other hospital supplies. The hallways are little scary at night but it should be safe since it’s a locked unit. For transportation, we have about 10 transport mini buses. This is the place for me.

  3. Walmart Super Store
    Built for the long haul, a few glass windows up front yet plenty of supplies to barricade the property. A pharmacy, guns and ammo, camping supplies, bedding, massive quantities of food, plenty of games to occupy the time, books, wait…what doesn’t Walmart have?
    If of one was unable to be found that was unoccupied I would take over the Walton families underground bunker. Being worth over 100 billion dollars I’m pretty sure it is beyond paradise and as secure as can be. Scratch that, I’m going to the Waltons first! It’s Walmart times billions!

    1. After some more thought, even if the Waltons were to be held up in the bunker I’d allow them to stay. Yet would feed them table scraps and would not provide them with any access to any medical care needs. I may think they’d prefer the company of zombies above ground than to be treated as they treat their employees.

      1. Somehow me thinks they would turn those zombies into new Walmart workers, feeding them their existing workforce as pay in order to squeeze out more profits! 😉

  4. I would have to go to the gun shop down the road from my house. Very secure with complete roll down barriers on all windows and the front door, plus all the weapons and ammo you need

  5. Being in Florida I would have to say Disney World. So many place to hide and stay and plenty of food and water. You also have the train, buses, and plenty of tourist cars. There are also plenty of food sources, stores, shops, equipment within a stones throw of the park.

  6. Great contest. It would be easy for me to head to a local medical clinic. My son has a lot of medical concerns, and I would be stocked there for a while. The building is also secured with various bars and gates. Eventually, I would have to gain enough supplies to be able to move, but, initially it would give us what we needed.

  7. I’d get a nice big sail boat and stock it up….
    Lesss see…guns, porn, some food/water, and plenty of comic books ( to trade for the earlier, and a reason to live )
    zombies don’t swim?

  8. I live in Toronto so at first I would try to get my self to the cn tower and hold the top section. while it sounds great there are some serious problems with this location so I would only hold up there until the initial panic happens. Onces that’s done if head out of town via the train tracks (foot of the cn tower)

  9. I’ve had this discussion with friends so many times! Stoked I finally get to share it.
    I live next door to a sporting goods store and I used to be a manager at a Wegmans Food Markets down the street. Upon realizing that the world has gone to hell, I would stop at the sporting goods store to stuff my pack with the essentials (guns, ammo, etc.) and then head down the street to Wegmans (monster grocery store). All of my late nights closing the store, I would play this game in my head too often. The rolling gate doors at the two big entrances are heavy and with a wall of shopping carts behind them, would definitely do the trick. People don’t really think of a grocery store as a good place, but the back room is full of goodies. Power fork lifts, huge metal racking, tools, supplies, food for years, space to make your own, etc. Easy access to the roof would provide vision and allow surveillance of the perimeters, not to mention the huge clock tower on top of the store. After establishing security, my biggest enemy wouldn’t be the walkers, it would be the humans not in my group trying to ruin what we established! Cheers!

  10. There are some crazies down the road who have a huge house, giant iron spiked fence around the property, tons of solar paneling and I would guess a bunker. I would have to pretend I was a crazy conservative (they have some strange political signs in their yard) but whatever works.

  11. There’s a police station by my house with guns, possible allies, transportation and it’s close to other stores (CVS/7-11 and whatnot). It’s right next to the St. Joe river for a quick getaway. Jail cells, bullet-proof glass,riot gear and medical supplies are at the ready. Indiana’s population is not to excessive but we would get Chicago runoff though.

      1. I’d take over the closest Costco (I don’t recall any having any windows which just makes it more fortified). That’s where I’d go with my stock pile of can openers. We’d stake out walkers from the roof and depending on how many people are in the party, I’d start pushing those that eat too much over the side so the food lasts longer. I’d try to manage in getting bags of compost and soil from a Home Depot or Lowes along with seeds and grow veggies from the bags (rip hole open on top) and what not on the roof of said Costco.
        My 6 year old girl loves weapons so I’d get a carrier where she’s sitting on my back but facing backwards with bow (my eyes behind my head) to take out walkers trying to be sneaky for our adventures out to get any supplies the Costco doesn’t have. 🙂
        And yes, I’m excluded from winning, so don’t worry people.. I just felt I had to share my apocalypse plans..

  12. It sounds obvious, but I’d choose a Costco/Sam’s Club and barricade myself and a small group inside for a few months before heading out into the hell that the world had become.

  13. There is a prison/mental institute in my area. Not very original I know but WD has already pointed out all the reasons it would be good. Walls, fences, strong locking doors, and food supply with a Wal-Mart and other stores with in walking distance. Of course you would have to wait long enough that all the guards and prisoners have left or died off/zombified.

  14. My end game would be straight north to Canada from Chicago – where I am. The cold I would think would slow down the walkers and freeze em at some point. Since I am already just north of Chicago – I should have it easier to get north through Canada , but Detroit would be a hurdle! It is now – lol!
    The nearby place to group up and survive till the cold comes would be a gated juvenile detention center just up the road here that is gated and has lots of food and weapons to boot.
    That’s my beginning (juvey safe house)
    Middle – Detroit to Windsor run for the boarder(scary part of my storyline)
    End – the freedom of frozen zombie land way up north!
    Or just hold out for a Chicago winter!
    Mike Leff

  15. In the evening’s I work at Lowes outside in the Garden Center. I have thought that would be a great place. First off you have all the tools and weapons you could think of. There are only 3 doors in or out of the Lowes Building so it wouldn’t be hard sealing those up. The actual Garden Center has a huge fence around it, probably 20 feet high or so. Also the shelves in Lowes are about 20 feet tall as well, if you had to you could lay boards (From the Lumber department) across the tops on the shelves and basically be safe from anything on the ground if they were able to get it. Lowes also has delivery trucks so I would have get away trucks if needed. And most people don’t think of Lowes having food, beut they actually keep a good amount of snack foods like Chips and candy. Also keep a good amount of Water, Soda, and Gaterade. My lowes also sits on top of a hill so you could get on the roof and just watch as zombies or people were coming.

  16. Disneyland! Talk about resources and places to hide. They have underground systems and weapons I’m sure. I bet Walt was a closet Zombie fan. He’d want to protect Mickey at all costs. Disneyland may just be a cover for a zombie bug out locale!

  17. Washington DC in the national momuments area… I would be able tosee anyone one coming from miles away and its currently already full of zombies…!!!! so you know you would be able to survive for years.

  18. The normal person may flock to our local hardware and general goods store because it has food, tools, and guns. However, there is a much better place I could get to where I live…the bank! You might think the money is useless, so why pick a bank?! Well, first of all it is just across the street from the general store, so I could venture out and get supplies. Second, we all know zombies are a problem, but it is the people we really need to worry about! Nobody is going to bother searching a bank during the zombie apocalypse so you can have eyes on anybody in the immediate area before they know you are there. This gives you the upper hand in case they are out for blood, or your stuff! Lastly, the vault. If you get overrun by zombs or people, just walk into your vault. Hopefully the intruders lose interest and go away before you exhaust all your supplies. I would recommend this situation for1 or two people due to the small, enclosed space 🙂

  19. I live in the Mid-Hudson Valley in NY. So I would grab a boat and set out for Bannerman’s Island in the middle of the Hudson River. During the American Revolution, there was a battle there to keep the British from traveling further north. Up until WWI, they made armaments there (including bombs). It’s deserted and in ruins now (but still awesome to explore) and it has a tower wall for a lookout. If there was a zombie apocalypse, I would always head for an island (Bannerman’s, in this case), clear it, then hold out there until the end. Plenty of water, fishing, fresh air, and sunshine — all the necessities (as well as a travel route along the river). And water is a zombie barrier. Who could ask for more?

  20. easy question, I would head to the top floor of the recently built freedom tower in downtown New York City. Everything is brand new and the buildings top floor is 104th. It would take years for the zombie to climb 104 floors of stairs and I would also have an incredible view of the city

  21. screw staying in a city. we all know what happens when people stay in highly concentrated areas. I would either head for the mountains or a missle silo in the plains. There are a ton of empty missle silos that would work good for rebuilding civlization under ground. I’d have to gather a shit ton of supplies before heading down…guess I would raid costco/walmart/gun store/liquor store/pet store (dogs and cats gotta eat too) before high tailing it out of town!

  22. 20 minutes away there’s a turnpike rest stop with both Roy Rogers hamburgers and Nathan’s Hot Dogs. Can’t think of a better place to spend my last days 😛

  23. Walmart Super Store
    Built for the long haul, a few glass windows up front yet plenty of supplies to barricade the property. A pharmacy, guns and ammo, camping supplies, bedding, massive quantities of food, plenty of games to occupy the time, books, wait…what doesn’t Walmart have?
    If of one was unable to be found that was unoccupied I would take over the Walton families underground bunker. Being worth over 100 billion dollars I’m pretty sure it is beyond paradise and as secure as can be. Scratch that, I’m going to the Waltons first! It’s Walmart times billions!

  24. First you need to gather people… “come with me if you want to live” next I would pretend i was some smart scientist that knows how to stop the epidemic…wait a minute!!
    Really it pretty straight forward I live in North Florida so it pretty warm most of the time. Just sail to nearby Cumberland Island. It barely inhabited, has wild horses. Live off the land/water,bring some of my surfboard for recreation. Live happily every after. You don’t want to be holed up in a place with ton of biters around.

  25. I live a block away from an old WW2 armory in Niagara Falls ON. Its been decommissioned for years and has been turned into a museum. It looks like a big castle! Bars on the windows, huge thick wooden doors (that could be barricaded) access to the roof to see for miles and the place is huge with only 2 doors leading in. One in front one in back. Plus It has a barbed wire fenced in back parking lot with a few military trucks still parked there. On the way to the armory is a strip mall with a Dollar Store & a Shoppers Drug Mart (they sell food) to load up on supplies. Once I’m loaded up on supplies from the strip mall its just a matter of barricaded myself inside the armory and I have trucks and my car fenced in in the back for easy escape if needed. Sounds simple but I know it won’t be as easy as I make it out.
    Joel Harrison
    If you’re not family or chosen family your zombie food. WE WILL SURVIVE!

  26. I live in Stockton, California. Here the greatest chance for survival is a place called Rough and Ready Island. It is a Navy supply depot with Trains, Boats, Guns and various supplies. located inland off of The Deepwater Channel that leads to the San Francisco Bay. The extensive waterways in and around Stockton were fished and navigated by Miwok Indians for centuries.

  27. I would commandeer one of these:
    Underground bunker made from an old Missile Silo. You’d be surprised how many of these locations there are around the Country – though most are unfinished.
    Then in like 20 years, I’ll come out all “Blast From The Past” Brendan Fraser style… but with Zombies.

  28. My Uncle’s farm aka The Compound – far from the city… whether we can drive or have to walk, we’ll get there! It has a nice barn and everything – looks a lot like Herchel’s place in the show – should be good for a while and maybe long term for hunting and farming.

  29. Living in the UK, i;d have to gather my small army of survivors and would set up home in where else but Buckingham bloody palace old chap ! Big walls, huge iron gates, a secret underground railway, plenty of land for livestock, horses, an armoury and land to grow veg in the palace gardens. I’d live like a king (or a queen !)

  30. I am I agreement that, for a while at least, it would be more difficult to evade people (the looters) than zombies.. But I would love a place like the one in this link.
    I would modified the roof with solar panels for electricity, vantage points to silently snipe as needed, and zip line for escape. I thought about an underground tunnel system that would lead to a, or several, protected exits but that always leads to the possibility of unwanted people getting in.
    I like the thoughts of an island as well but, up north.. Water freezes and becomes a bridge..

  31. There’s a Raytheon facility just down the street. Entire area is completely fenced in with plenty of open space between the fences and buildings. There are a couple of large towers on the premises they use for testing, which would give a good vantage point. I’ve seen a few armored vehicles there in the past on the testing field, so there’s the transport. A gun shop, convenience store and a Target aren’t far away for supplies. And who knows what secrets they have locked in that facility!

  32. As a 20 year Air Force retiree, I’d head straight to Air Force base here in Phoenix (about 10 minutes away from me). It’s a freakin’ military base 🙂 Already fenced in, lots of fire power, and oh yeah, lots of jet fuel, F-16’s, F-35’s and a lot of people who know how to use a weapon. Yes, even us Air Force peeps know how to fire a weapon (at least, most of us do).

    1. I should also add that the base has a commissary, gas pumps, plenty of places to hide, generators and you can imagine eveything else a military base would have.

  33. IF, and that’s a very huge if, I could somehow manage to bribe security enough to allow me in it would have to be the million square foot NSA complex on a hill just South of Salt Lake, Utah. Most people have not seen or much less heard about it but there is an enormous, (enormous as in Warren Buffets bank account type enormous) complex that is basically its own self contained, self guarded, super communication spy compound that is utilizing technology right now to analyze and store every electronic communication in the world. Think I’m kidding, just google it and be astounded. This place has more security than Guantanamo Bay and tougher to get in and out of than Fort Knox would ever be. Zombies would be at a loss what this place even was and just keep on walking for miles just to circle the walls and fences designed to keep even burrowing rodents from trespassing. Besides all the features of being able to survive in there quite luxuriously there are an incredible 60 huge diesel fueled generators for when all the utility companys have been over run and this place uses over 40 million dollars in electricity every year!

  34. I work for an electric utility company and we have switch houses that you can practically live in. They have a solar battery backup system, running water from a 1500 gallon tank, there`s heating and cooling units for cold and warm days, and the building is constructed so nobody can get in. There`s a hatch leading to the top of the structure for lookout/sniper patrol, and to top it off it`s surrounded by a 12 ft. barbwire fence. Load up on some food and guns and you have a fortress Rick and his gang would die for!

  35. The xfinity center in mansfeild ma. It’s right down the street. Huge mass of land with high chain link fence and the wooden fences and more walls lol. Plus it be cool to bug out in an open amphitheater. Just think about it

  36. Area 51, government denies its existence so zombies wouldn’t know about it, and even if they did the security would take them out as soon as they cross the property line. if i cant get into area 51 my second choice would be Chuck Norris’s house, nobody F*#$ with Chuck ! NO BODY !!!!

  37. I live right down the street from an Army Reserves base. It’s fenced with barbed wire, there’s a ton of empty military vehicles (Hummers) just sitting, and there’s an entire depot that was transformed into a major business distribution center full of food and supplies. I’m sure there’s also plenty of additional food, ammunition/weapons, and other daily supplies in addition to depot right in the Reserves base. There’s also multiple gas stations, a Walmart, and most importantly Hastings (would loot all their comics) within 1-1.5 miles from my new spot. I also live right in front of the Wasatch Mountains (couple miles) so I’d be able to retreat to mountainous terrain if needed. There’s also a river nearby for fresh water. I really think I have the perfect spot if I needed to survive a zombie invasion.
    I’m also a couple hours each way from Nevada, Wyoming, & Idaho so I could easily hop states if needed.

  38. I’m originally from West “By God” Virginia so I’d have plenty of places to hide. There is one place in the southern part of the state where an old mine system runs thru the hills. You can go in one area and come out the other. I think a place like that would be best. Hunting, natural water, escape possibilities and low population. I’d want basic reusable weapons like a bow and trapping gear. See yall after the apocalypse! (Great fun, thanks for this one!)

  39. I have a retired friend whose block home is a literal bunker. He has gated wrought iron fences and block walls. Roll up steel windows. No shortage of weapons, ammo and canned goods.

  40. Great contest; well I leave in sunny San Diego. And we have plenty of military facilities. There is this massive ship yard where they make military ships witch is about 15 mins from where I live. I would gather my Navy and Marines neighbors and family and take over the ship yard. I would use all of the ship parts to board up the place. There is also cranes to move the ship parts around and I would use those to snipe some zombies. I would make sure we get a battleship to use against the zombies. ( Can you imagine that massive fire power WOW!!!). I would also make sure we have couple of hovercraft vehicle near by to escape just in case the ship yard and ship got taken over. ( Use the hovercraft to kill any swimming zombies). As for food, there is a walmart about 4 blocks away from the ship yard as well as other small businesses near by so I would gather as much supplies as possible before going in. Yup the perfect getaway.

  41. My friend has a house up in the mountains. I would ride to his house on my motorcycle Darryl style. He also has lots of guns and ammo, so that is a bonus for me.

  42. I would choose an empty prison. I mean top of the line defense, artilery, and transportation. plenty of long lasting canned goods, and a number of rooms, beds, restrooms, and card tables!

  43. Given that I would have access to the docks, I would stock-up my yacht and set sail to a deserted island (pref one with -or is near to- a source of clean water OR fuel). I could basically go “infinite” and live off the ocean w/ a spear-gun. Dried fish and rainwater might not seem appetizing, but it’s better than risking it in urban areas. If the land is good enough, farming might even be an option.

  44. I live in Los Angeles and there is a little place called the “Playboy Manson” and to be honest, I have no clue if it is safe and secure but I do know that as a 40 year old man who loves to read and collect comics its going to take a zombie apocalypse for me to fulfill my fantasy of being surrounded by playmates at all times. But damn it, someone has to protect those women and I’m willing to step up and take the challenge.

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