Comic Xposure making several Star Wars variants available

Our friends at Comic Xposure has teamed up with several other retailers to bring some exclusive variants all in one place.

Star Wars #1 from Marvel is going to be one of the biggest books in a while. Already over 1,000,000 copies have been ordered. Comic Xposure has teamed up with Forbidden planet, Aod Collectables, Fantastico, and Rebel Base Comics to give people the opportunity to get multiple store variants in once place, including their own. Comic Xposure offers free shipping on purchases of $30 or more.
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All books are available for pre-order at Comic Xposure

21 thoughts on “Comic Xposure making several Star Wars variants available”

    1. I like the Boba Fett cover a lot. With over a million copies ordered any of the regular covers i am going to pass on. But the black and white covers are print runs of 1,500 copies. Making them more desirable. Plus Boba Fett has a huge following.

  1. Up to 55 variant covers. Any guesses on the most elite/rare? Possibly a last second curve ball like the Greg Horn and Stan Lee signed and remarked ASM #1 Vol 3 that trumped GameStop and 1:300 Alex Ross?

  2. Good point on how many shops will order that many. I only know of one shop that has four locations around Houston that ordered enough ASM #1’s to get two 1:300 variants, and that was Spidey. I’d be surprised if they order enough to get one 1:500. I really like the 1:50 Alex Ross variant on this one as well in addition to Fett. No way I’m throwing down upwards of $400+ for a 1:500 that will plummet in a few weeks after launch.

    1. I’m with you as well. The print run is going to be huge, I don’t expect any of the variants to hold their potential value after the craze is over. Which comes to another issue I have, why all the craze now (yeah yeah, Marvel is owned by Disney, Disney owns Star Wars now)? I felt Dark Horse was doing a fine job on some of the Star Wars titles… I mean, I like Aaron as a writer but Brian Wood was doing a fantastic job. I was also enjoying the Star Wars Legacy title that also just ended.. It also just seems like this series they’re relaunching is what Brian Wood was covering, the events after “A New Hope”..

            1. I got my Fett variants.. I’m good. I’ll probably pick up a regular cover to read to determine if it’s good enough to keep reading. If it’s Aaron though, I’ll probably like it.

              1. I am excited to see his Southern, drunken, light saber wielding Luke, and his overly abusive hillbilly mentor fight out family issues with the crime lord father while trying to get with his sister who is currently being chased by the jockish Camero driving Han Solo. You know, the way only Jason Aaron can write these kinds of southern noir-ish stories.
                All kidding aside, I like Aaron’s work.

  3. well you figure if a shop sells 1 1:500 variant, that probably pays for their entire Star Wars shipment. They could throw the rest into the $1 bins, sell the variants and still make money. they will also have a ton of pull customers to buy up some regular covers; all this is doing is devalueing the back market for issue #1.

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