Enormous #6 Comicsheatingup.net Variants

We are extremely excited to present our first exclusive variant cover. So excited because we actually have two exclusive variant covers. So read on to see our exclusive variants for Enormous #6.
Comicsheatingup.net Blank Sketch Variant

Limited to 100 copies the Blank Sketch Variant will allow you to get your favorite artist (or yourself) to have a custom one of a kind Enormous creature cover. Features the Comicsheatingup.net Exclusive Variant logo.
Comicsheatingup.net Black and White Page Art Variant

The Comicsheatingup.net Black and White Page Art Variant is limited to 100 copies. The Page Art Variant features a black and white introduction to the story that is only available on this cover. Done in homage to the classic horror magazine intro pages of the past, such as Eerie and Creepy. Cover by series artist Mehdi Cheggour. Features the Comicsheatingup.net Exclusive Variant logo.
These books will be available in sets and as singles. Prices to be announced closer to launch.
Thanks to series creators Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour for making this possible, as well as, Michael and Andy at 215Ink.
Here is the preview for issue #6




31 thoughts on “Enormous #6 Comicsheatingup.net Variants”

  1. Awesome! Love this website and love the series! I’m definitely in on these. Can’t wait to own them.

  2. Wow wow wow wow. Very good looking cover. Can’t wait for them to be available. Great great cover congrats again Anthony

  3. A list should be absolute, so all of us eager fanatics who are freaking out over this awesome news can lock down our copies. 🙂

  4. Again, congrats Tony. Those are some great covers and soon to be covers in the case of the blanks. I also wanna call dibs on a set or two! Hahaja if said list ever does get compiled that is. If not I’ll anticipate the release. 🙂

  5. Id honestly like 10 but dont want to be greedy. Ill take as many as you will allow im not planning on flipping just finishing a set and love blank variants got 2 short boxes full of blanks im dying to do but working 50+ hours a week hard to find time

  6. Pretty cool concept for the B&W cover. You are such the horror fan! congrats, you’ll sell these out no problem

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