Diamond announces Orphan Black as the top selling comic book for February

Wait a minute, an IDW book is the top selling comic book for February 2015? Orphan Black #1, based on the BBC America TV show, is the top selling comic book of 2/15?
Beating out Darth Vader #1, Spider-Gwen #1, Star Wars #2, Silk #1?

What could cause an IDW book to shoot so far up in the ranks over some of the hottest selling books?
Looks like the rumors of Orphan Black #1 having a Loot Crate Exclusive is true.
Loot crate exclusives have added between 200,000 and 300,000 additional books to be added to it’s print run.
(I do love loot crate boxes, so does my four year old.)
And don’t forget if you do sign up dor loot crate to use the code SAVE3 for $3 off.

12 thoughts on “Diamond announces Orphan Black as the top selling comic book for February”

  1. Hey that is pretty cool about the Loot Crate..For some reason I don’t think the link you have for it is working..took me to a Get Ambassador site?

  2. Contrary to the crap Rich at BC spews, other factors play into effect. Four Color Grails had an exclusive cover and you can’t ignore the store variants.

    1. True, but this is not from Rich at BC. It is staight from Diamond’s Previews world. I got the alert earlier, probably where he got his from. not only Loot Crate, and Four Color Grails, but store variants, and Phantom Variants for the book. But, I can bet that Loot Crate had a bigger part in it than 4CG, store variants, or the Phantom variants did on this one. Their subscription service is huge.

  3. That is surprising and kind of cool, I really enjoyed first season of the show. Seems like they are generally promoting it more.

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