Star Wars #4 Boba Fett Signed and Graded copies beginning to ship

Thanks to DrunkWooky for this.
Graded signed Star Wars #4 Boba Fett variants are starting to ship.
A couple months back everybody scrambled to get one of John Tyler Christopher’s 5,000 Boba Fett Action Figure Variants for Star Wars #4.
They sold out in 24 hours if you remember.
I was one of the lucky people who managed to place an order.
I ordered 5 “raw” copies.
I ordered 2 CBCS Authenticated Signature copies.
I sold all 5 of my raw copies for $35.00 each after paying $20.00 each for them.
I then sold one of the CBCS Authenticated Signature copies for $120.00 after paying $75.00 each for them. I kept one CBCS I thought I did decently because I’m not into comic flipping to make a glorious profit, but to alleviate the expense of my hobby and get some cool variants and exclusives for free.
Well, the service JTC used for CBCS submission was It seems Michael Alexandropoulos from retained some 9.9 copies to sell himself and is asking $599.99 for them each on Ebay and his website!
Now, none have sold yet as far as ebay is concerned, but if they do, it’s good incentive to track JTC down and get him to sign one of those damn raw copies!
My CBCS Signature copy should arrive Saturday. Glad I ordered one at $75.00 from JTC’s website.
Raw copies have been selling for upwards of $70 recently.

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