SDCC: Maxwell Lord Cast on CBS’ Supergirl

The CBS’ Suoper-girl TV show is starting to shape up nicely. Casting rumors yesterday of Livewire, and now, Maxwell Lord, are making the show interesting sounding.

Maxwell Lord first appeared in Justice League #1 (1987), which is still fairly cheap.

from CBR:

Another character known well to DC Comics fans has been added to CBS’ “Supergirl”: As revealed during Warner Bros. TV and DC Enterainment’s panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Peter Facinelli has joined the cast as Maxwell Lord, a character best known as a supporting character in the beloved 1980s “Justice League International.”

Here’s the official description of the character, from Warner Bros. TV: “Maxwell is a green tech billionaire who enjoys a friendly rivalry with Cat Grant and a fascination with National City’s newest arrival — Supergirl.”

11 thoughts on “SDCC: Maxwell Lord Cast on CBS’ Supergirl”

  1. I bought a bunch of these when it first came out. As a kid I thought they would pay my future mortgage. I was a little off on that one. If Lord becomes a major player in the DC TV world I might be able to sell these for more than cover! Now, to find some cheap housing!

    1. I wish had picked Supergirl first appearance 2 years ago.
      But two years ago I did pick up 4 copies of The Batman Adventures #12
      Near Mint ones at that.
      Atv $120.00 a piece.

      1. Well, with those BA 12’s you can pick up a solid copy of Supergirl’s first app with little problem and still keep one of the BA 12’s for your collection. I wish I picked up Supergirls first app as well two years ago but like you I picked up a Batman Adventures 12 (just one though) and instead of an Action 242 I did get a lower grade first Brainiac app for under guide. Good forward thinking on those BA 12”s!

      2. Hmmm, usually I am the guy who winds up with 180 copies of a book that no one wants that sells far below cover price. “Diff’rent Strokes” meets “The Facts of Life” 1984, Summer Special #1? I probably have a short box filled with them hidden away for when I feel like having a good cry…Not this time though! I think I have six or seven copies of the Justice League #1…which I am surprised I picked up that many way back then since I was working fast food on the weekends for my first job. As I remember they were really hyping the book. With Griffen and Maguire teaming up on it, it was gold! A very fun read month after month until their run was over. I suggest anyone who hasn’t read them go for it. They won’t break the bank, that’s for sure!.. The Batman Guy Gardner fight later on is a classic!

  2. Bought a few of these when Maxwell Lord killed off Ted. The least lucrative long term investment in history shall soon bear modest fruit. Can’t bring myself to sell all of em though. It’s times like this when I reflect on what a copy of that joke of a New 52 book, Suicide Squad, is worth compared to this series and I get a little depressed.

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