Rocket Raccoon Pop and Other SDCC exclusives available


Doing some pre-orders and coming across some interesting stuff. More SDCC Exclusives have become available for order. So if you were unable to attend the show, and wanted some of the goodies, here is your chance. Continue reading “Rocket Raccoon Pop and Other SDCC exclusives available”

SDCC 2015 Exclusives on-line

Just got some pre-orders in for some upcoming books and noticed a couple of cool SDCC Exclusive Toys available online. The Jim Lee Blueline Batman Figure and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mirage Black & White Minimates Set
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SDCC Cosplay Gallery

Louie M. writes about conventions for He also takes cosplay pictures. He came back with a ton of pictures! Here is Louie’s cosplay gallery for SDCC: Continue reading “SDCC Cosplay Gallery”

SDCC: Maxwell Lord Cast on CBS’ Supergirl

The CBS’ Suoper-girl TV show is starting to shape up nicely. Casting rumors yesterday of Livewire, and now, Maxwell Lord, are making the show interesting sounding.
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SDCC: Star Wars Force Awakens Panel at SDCC

Have an hour to spare and love Star Wars?

Here is the Star Wars Force Awakens SDCC panel:
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2015 SDCC Exclusives

Tyson B. writes about toys and action figures for and his own site
I am playing catch up as I goofed off all week at Comicpalooza. As San Diego Comic Con grows, so does the list of exclusives. It’s starting to become nearly impossible to keep track. Here are a few that went up for pre-order this week. SDCC Exclusives are limited and highly allocated so don’t wait. Wander over to for more SDCC Exclusives. Continue reading “2015 SDCC Exclusives”