SDCC Walking Dead and Outcast Exclusives up on Skybound’s website

The Walking Dead’s official store has some SDCC exclusives up for sale but they won’t last long. These include the SDCC Fifth Anniversary boxes that I did the unboxing of yesterday. Check them out.

Edit- And Just like that most are gone!

5th Anniversary Box

Outcast #10 SDCC Wrap-around Cover

Outcast #1 SDCC Photo Cover

Walking Dead #144 SDCC Wrap around cover

6 thoughts on “SDCC Walking Dead and Outcast Exclusives up on Skybound’s website”

  1. I expected an instant sellout as soon as they hit, but they were actually available for a little while. I passed on the box set (I had already gotten the single SDCC issues) and am saving for the Boba Fett B/W later this week! Gotta pick and choose because I only have so much money to spread around on this stuff.

  2. I think they had around 700 copies or so, and limited it to 2 per order…and their high shipping costs slowed a lot of people down

  3. Just missed out on the Outcast photo cover, but was able to order one of the box sets. Rarely do I ever win anything, so I’ll just be content with the sweet set of comics … (but of course I’ll still have fingers crossed for something tasty in there)

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