Agent Poyo’s picks of the Week for delivery 7/22/15

It’s that time again, the best damn day of the week.. New Comic Book “Drain your Wallet” Day!

So let’s get down to the picks.

Enormous Vol.2 #1 (215 Ink) – Yes, a CHU favorite is finally back with the second arc of our beloved apocalyptic monster driven end of the world comic book… Already sold out at a bunch of online retailers so pick them up, they’ll have larger print runs from the first round but these will still be small compared to most.

Archie vs Sharknado #1 (Archie) – Yes.. I’m picking this one up for my 9 year old. He doesn’t even like Archie but he loves Sharknado, the worst best movie ever! I don’t expect this one to heat up too much but Sharknado fans might be seeking these out.

Disciples #2 (Black Mask) – Expect lower print runs this time and if this comic ever takes off (which I think it will, show or not), this one might be one of a few to get if you plan on flipping.

Wolf #1 (Image) – Might be good, might not… the story is definitely not ground breaking but hey, it’s 58 pages of story and no ads for the small $4.99 price tag.. yeah, what is likely a $2.99 comic, we get the privilege to pay 2 more dollars for 30 more pages. Definitely worth checking out. It’s an Image #1 after all.

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