Agent Poyo’s Picks of the Week for delivery 8/5/15

Did you check out the plush Poyo from Skelton Crew Studios has on pre-order? Yes, you can have your very own Poyo to love and hold (or torture if that’s your thing), because who doesn’t love Poyo? You know you want one, just so you can hang out with him while reading the weekly picks of the week at CHU!
Now, on with the picks of the week…

This Damned Band #1 (Dark Horse) – A band that worshipped Satan to find out they do in fact worship Satan? Sounds hilarious if done right. Plus, it’s drying up at some retailers online so be sure to check this one out.

Dark Corridor #1 (Image) – An Image #1, must always be checked out. Mobsters being picked off by women assassins? Yes please!

Imperium #7 (Valiant) – Yes, a storyline that includes the hot Valiant character Divinity. It’s a must pick up and it’s already selling out online in advance. Expect low print runs.

The Fly #5 (IDW) Cover B Alberto Ponticelli Cover – Yes, even if you don’t read The Fly, pick this one up just for the sweet classic looking variant cover.

Darth Vader #8 (Marvel) – Darth Vader and Star Wars should just be automatic for picks of the weeks. With the chance of new characters getting introduced, these should never be overlooked.

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