September 2015 Lootcrate Unboxing Summon Theme

We are back from a week long vacation and were happy to see the September 2015 Lootcrate box sitting on our front stoop. Joe was particularly exited to open it. This was the last one from my subscription and I was basing renewing the subscription depending on how good the box was. Check out the video below:

Each month Lootcrate runs me about $13 plus shipping. The gold Buddha Homer figure runs about $14.99 alone, throw in the hat, and I really considered this one a good one. The Hearthstone coin and stress ball sell for $7-10 on eBay. So over all I think this one was a win. Going to sell the coin and squeeze ball for 1 more month of Lootcrate.

5 thoughts on “September 2015 Lootcrate Unboxing Summon Theme”

  1. I enjoy your unboxing vids, but I gotta say: If I were a Lootcrate subscriber I’d be very unhappy with this box. Of course, that’s why I never signed up for their sub before, because I am more interested in the comic related stuff than general pop culture stuff.

    1. It was a weak box. The Simpsons Buddha was something I have been eyeing anyway so I am glad I held off on buying it at $14.99 when I got the box and the hat for less. My son really enjoys doing the videos and unboxing the stuff. He gets excited when he sees the black box come in the mail.

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  2. Yeah this is my last month as well. I was expecting something big for me to stay with it but very disappointed. I wanted a pokemon figure not no binnie. Have you guys read or seen the new pokemon watch and app? That thing is sick and can’t wait for that to come out lol

  3. The Homer Buddha is mine.. Wife loves Supernatural so she’s claimed the car. I’m sure the kids will fight over the remaining stuff.

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