The Walking Dead Season 6 – Show vs Comic Speculate List

Thanks to Agent Poyo for the write up.
We all know the show is helping the Walking Dead comics heat up as places and people show up. Now that we know Negan is coming to the show along with Jesus making his appearance in last weeks episode, we know the Hilltop is coming and probably a whole slew of new characters and likely storylines directly from the comics.

We saw the show introduce us Dwight previously, where he steals Daryl’s crossbow and motorcycle. He was escaping from Negan and his group, so we likely know what’s in store for his face. Slightly different from the comic in how we are introduced but nevertheless, he’s coming back as well, likely with Daryl’s crossbow since that’s his weapon of choice in the comics. Does he take Daryl’s place? Is this a clue that Daryl will die soon?
According to most reports, the time since Carl got shot and Rick went all crazy on the walkers, last weeks episode is suppose to be a few months later. Clearly it was likely very boring times in Alexandria during this time, I’d imagine they spent most of the time cleaning up their streets, burying bodies, burning zombies and so on.
Now that Jesus has arrived, let’s get on with some of the spec’s and things to look forward to compared to the comics since we know what’s coming, leading up to Negan.
Of course, we’ll start with Issues 91 and 92, 91 being Paul Monroe’s (Jesus) first cameo appearance and 92 being his first full, with speaking parts and we can see his face. Treat these like Michonne first appearance ($300 range or higher most likely for #92), Jesus has his fans, he’s awesome in the comics so let’s hope the character cast does him justice since we know how important he is in the coming future. I’m beating myself up for not trying to pick up a few more of these, especially #92 when I had the chance at the $60 or so dollar range. Even paying that would result in a nice return profit.
Issue 94 – Be on the lookout for these. These seem to be heating up as it’s the Hilltop’s first appearance. Who would of thought places 1st appearances would be a big deal in comics. Well they are, just like issue 69 being Alexandria’s first appearance, it quickly heated up past the $10-$15 dollar range well into the $20 and up range. What should be a very common issue is now easy money if you got them.
Issue 95 – First appearance of Hilltop characters but probably one of the most prominent is Gregory, their leader. We know this character will end up on the show since they announced Xander Berkeley has been cast as Gregory. So don’t pass this one up if you come across it. This issue is also where Rick kills Ethan for stabbing Gregory. From last weeks episode, Rick starting to give people a chance instead of immediately distrusting them, this would come as a surprise and likely won’t happen in the show.
Issue 96 – Not much really happens in this issue except Rick and his party with him learn more about Negan and the Saviors from the Hilltop people.
Issue 97 – This issue has the scene we sort of already saw where Negan’s men show up on motorcycles, demanding their weapons and anything else they have in the name of Negan. The difference here is it was Rick and his people are leaving the Hilltop and are approached by the men on bikes. All of them are killed except one, which Rick tells him the Hilltop is protected by Rick and his people now and he demands half of Negan’s supplies as tribute.
Issue 98 – Abraham dies by Dwight shooting an arrow through his head. This is Dwight’s first appearance in the comics. I don’t consider Dwight a huge character but he’s prominent so expect this one to heat up and should be treated as such. Abraham likely will not die this way in the show, at least I’m not expecting it. We could see Eugene taken hostage though, that would make for some good TV show action.
Issue 99 – Not much happens in this issue but it does setup what we see occurs in issue 100, Negan makes his appearance.
Issue 100 – Negan.. Motherf*$king Negan! I’ve read that Negan will make his appearance in this seasons finale. They said the last episode is gut wrenching. So someone is going to die, but who? Could it be Daryl or Abraham? Would Negan go so far as to bashing in Carol’s head? What about Glenn, the producer’s did mention they do not go the route of the comics. Is this a ploy to throw us off? Maybe Glenn is safe for now. Could we see the end of Morgan? his character doesn’t seem to be as bad ass as he was once thought of. I think killing Morgan could be a turning point for Rick in how he handles Negan and the Saviors, which we all know ends up in an “All Out War”.
Let’s leave it at Issue 100 for now, since we know this season ends at that point in the comics. As there are way more things to come, like Ezekial and his pet tiger, which already sells at a premium, we can likely expect the cool down period starting next season just like we saw with the Governor where there’s a lot of going back and forth, with the tension building up between the groups that lead to war.
In conclusion, a lot of things that happened in issues 90-100 are now being seen in the show which is very exciting and we should only expect most of these issues to start going up in price as collectors start seeking these out. Supply and demand, supplies are running dry and demand is going up.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Abraham die the same way as the comics. It’s the first thing I thought of when Dwight took Daryl’s crossbow when he was also taking the motorcycle on the TV show a few episodes back.

    1. Anything is certainly possible. I would totally welcome an arrow through the head of Abraham or another character on the show. 🙂

  2. A quick glance at some recent sold listings (going back to Feb 1st 2016) for these issues off eBay (going mostly by auctions and not BIN prices to get that valued based on actual consumer demand):
    #91 – Low: $20.50 High: $53.00 CGC 9.8 went for $67.00
    #92 – Low: $57.00 High: $91.00 CGC 9.8 went for $189.50
    #93 – Low: $14.50 High: $21.12 CGC 9.8 went for $69.00
    #94 – Low: $7.50 High: $40.00 CGC 9.8 went for $88.00
    #95 – Low: $5.50 High: $16.00
    #96 – Low: $5.50 High: $18.50
    #97 – Low: $5.24 High: $10.50 CGC 9.8 went for $59.00 – This one seems to be heavily bundled with issues 97 – 102, the “Something to Fear” story line. You can still order this one from Midtown for $4.68.
    #98 – Low: $9.50 High: $28.00 CGC 9.8 went for $80.00 – A recent 2nd print raw issue went for around $31.00.
    #99 – Low: $5.50 High: $22.50
    #100 – 1st prints Regular cover are going for average $20 to $30. 2nd prints seem to be the most coveted going from $22.50 all the way to $77.00. 3rd print seems to currently average around $22 to $23 in most recent sold listings.
    I didn’t bother with the remaining #100 covers. You can still get some of these from Midtown for $8.50 each. I also didn’t bother with the rare variants, those were already pricey to begin with and out of most people’s price ranges.

  3. I picked up a #92 about 7 months ago for ten bucks in the back issues. It has like a black mark on cover size of a dime. Other than that it is nice! Dump/keep for now? How much less you guys thing it would get?

    1. Does it look like it’s from the printing press or perhaps a pen mark after it hit shelves? Hard to say without pictures though but I think most would still pay a premium for it. I’m willing to bet it would go easily $50 plus.. but I’d definitely point out the mark on it if you did sell it. Wouldn’t want negative feedback in not mentioning something like that.

      1. Thank you for the feedback. Yeah I learned to point out everything in the listing lol. Happend when I was selling tcg cards. It looks like a pen tbh. I saw and had to have it because it was jesus. But at the same time money is money lol.

  4. Did you all see that tonight? Ethan stabbing Gregory… Rick killing Ethan. Almost the entire sequence directly from the comics. 🙂

            1. Rarely do you hear you know stuff since you read comics.
              Also, I was outside yesterday. Heard two neighborhood moms talking about seeing Deadpool and saying Walking Dead was on tonight. Strange world where we now live. Comics and soccer moms now coexist as normal.
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              1. I know more ladies who are fans of Walking Dead than men.. And when the wife and I went to see Deadpool, I reserved our seats so it was one seat left towards the end of the row (so the wife and I were in middle of the table, yeah, Alamo Drafthouse rules)… thinking no one would buy the single seat.. I was wrong, the two single seats to the left and right of us were both taken by single ladies seeing Deadpool by themselves.

  5. It’s great to see women interested in this type of stuff nowadays. It’s quite a movement in the right direction. Too bad my wife isn’t one of those type of women. lol

      1. Nice! My wife has tried watching it with me or even with friends, but it just doesn’t draw her attention. She doesn’t know what she’s missing.

      2. I tried using Fear The Walking Dead to get her into it, because that one deals more with the family dynamic and there aren’t as many zombies but that is still a work in progress. lol

  6. I’m starting to think they’ll go by the book and kill Glenn. After the Mar. 6th episode we seen Glenn lose some innocence by killing human beings, him telling Heath that he’s “lucky”, and him seeing the pictures of bashed in heads. Plus Maggie got caught and with her being pregnant , it gives him a double reason to sacrifice himself to save her. Any thoughts?

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