Venom Potential Franchise for Sony

CBR had the story on this a couple of days ago that Sony has snagged a writer to bring back Venom for a potential franchise.
But we are not talking about the Eddie Brock Venom:

In the comics, Venom was originally a Spider-Man villain, an alien symbiote which brought out the worst in our friendly neighborhood Peter Parker. He has become more than that in recent years, after the creature was bonded to Flash Thompson, a bully-turned-government-agent. It is unknown at this time which version of the character will appear in the film, though it seems more likely it will be the Flash incarnation.

Flash Thompson’s first appearance as Venom is Amazing Spiderman #654, which is a $20 book, for now. The Second Print goes for around $30 to a little higher.
Flash’s solos series, Venom #1 (2011), is a solid $10 book. The harder to find and more expensive Agent Venom cover of Venom #2 goes for $25+.

15 thoughts on “Venom Potential Franchise for Sony”

  1. Great news. Doesn’t matter who plays venom as long as they make a movie about him lol. Would love to see Eddie Brock as venom but that’s to violent for Sony lol.

    1. Either way, picked up four copies of ASM #300 about 15 years ago. Should be a nice payoff when the movie comes out no matter who they choose.

  2. Been looking for a ASM 300 9.6 or 9.8 at a good price for a while but no luck. I have found 9.4 and 9.2 for under $300. I am on a mission to find a good ASM 300. Specially if it’s for my PC.

  3. I also still have not purchased a ASM #300 yet. I’ve tried to find it at a good price. A couple have slipped through my hands. Now I’m not so sure it’s a good investment. Lots of people are over-charging for an over-printed book. The only thing I could afford now is a used up copy of an over-printed book.

    1. The print run on this book was large, but so were books such as New Mutants #87 and #98 and they are keys as well, especially #98. If there are more people that want a book it doesn’t matter if the print run is huge. ASM #300 is a pretty big key book. Regardless if it is Brock or Flash in the movie ASM #300 will be sought after big-time! If this turns out to be a franchise movie deal, might be a good time to bite the bullet and pick one up if the funds are available.

  4. Will this hurt amazing spider-man 300? This comic will have NOTHING to do with the movie, plus this idea sounds way to much like an X-men Origins Wolverine kind of idea and I have 5 beautifull copies of Amaing 654.

  5. has quite a few ASM# 300 up. Maybe some are cheaper than what can be found on Ebay? They have two CGC 9.4’s for $285 and one PGX 9.4 for $265.

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