Agent Poyo’s Picks of the Week for June 1st, 2016

Another week, another Wednesday, the best day ever hands down. Skip work or take a long lunch to go grab your books to read or flip, life’s too short to not be reading comic books.

So let’s get on with the picks…

DC/Vertigo Pick

Batman Rebirth #1 (DC) – We get a taste of the new Batman that will be written by Tom King, as Snyder is handing over the keys. I’ve been loving King on Vision over in Marvel land so if he can bring the same level to Batman, will continue to be DC’s best ongoing series.

Marvel Pick

Civil War II #1 (Marvel) – Sure there’s gonna be a million copies but look at how well the original Civil War did, if the writing is good, we can likely see this in the MCU in the coming years that could make these heat up. Variants are nice but if you do buy to possibly sell later one, as this would be a slow burn… pick up an extra regular cover, those do the best.

Marvel Honorable Mention Pick

Moon Knight #3 (Marvel) – Always a long time favorite. I loved the last volume, this one is proving to be just as good or even better. These are going back for 2nd prints, so grab them while they can.

Image Picks

Walking Dead #155 (Image) – Negan is out, things are getting interesting. Does Aaron die or survive his stabbing? Walking Dead is always a pick, hands down. Even issues where nothing happens end up being $8 or $10 books later on, especially after supplies run dry and they catch up in the show.

Paper Girls #6 (Image) – A small pause but Paper Girls is back. It’s BKV, it’s a must read.

Indie Pick

Night Trap #1 (Lion Forge) – Cullen Bunn, horror.. yes please. Expect minuscule print run as well, not even sure I’ve ever heard of Lion Forge publisher.

Spec of the Week

Strange Attractors #1 (BOOM!) – In comic limited series form with bonus stories. If you haven’t read this, try and find it as I can see this gaining more readers in comic form so collectors will be seeking out the original graphic novel. I know Tony will have this as a pick as well, he’s the reason I knew about Charles Soule’s masterpiece he has here.

That’s all I got.. what you got?


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4 Responses to Agent Poyo’s Picks of the Week for June 1st, 2016

  1. Glad I pre-ordered several of Night Trap#1. It was only $1.64 from DCBS. Can’t beat that! I live in an area with 5+ comic shops nearby, but still have trouble finding Indy Books locally. I’m sure this would be one I’d be missing out on if I hadn’t pre-ordered…

    • agentpoyo says:

      Yeah, I’m fortunate enough to have two shops near me that are heavy on ordering indie books. If one doesn’t get it, the other likely did.

  2. ocguy72 says:

    Might as well try Civil War 2

    • agentpoyo says:

      Yeah, gotta keep up with Marvel since it might make it into the movies eventually I say..

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