Agent Poyo’s Picks of the Week for June 8th, 2016

Another Rebirth Week and there’s already specs coming in. DC sneaking in new characters in these issues so everyone must be tuning in and paying attention. Batman Rebirth #1 saw what most thought would end up being a new Robin become something totally different. Flash is going to introduce a new villain. What else is in store? Well, let’s get on with the picks and we’ll all be finding out come tomorrow..

DC/Vertigo Pick

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 (DC) Artgerm Variant – If they do pink on the back, it’s rubbing off onto the all white covers but this one is an Artgerm variant, who’s well known for his women artwork. Forget the Flash villain, I think this Wonder Woman variant will be the hit of the week.

Marvel Pick

Honestly, nothing really stands out for Marvel this week. There’s a ASM Civil War #1 and Gods of War Civil War #1 but beyond that, I got nothing for Marvel this week. The only thing I’m excited for is Daredevil #8 and Vision #8, both great reads.

Image Picks

The Fix #1 3rd Print (Image) – New cover, already selling out online. Great new series and funny. Could easily be a show. Pick them up and hold I think, these will be sought after if it ever does get an option or makes it to our screens. There’s a 2nd print #2 as well, probably very few shops will be getting these since I know most of my shops are still trying to get rid of their 1st prints.

And of course The Fix #3 also hits stands.

Invisible Republic #10 (Image) – After a short pause, one of my favorite reads is back. If you like Sci Fi mixed with some political non-sense.. this is perfect for those who dig both.

Indie Pick of the Week

Norman #1 (Titan) – Just looks like a fun book and likely very small print run. Grab’em if you see them.

That’s all I got, what are you all picking up or spec’ing?


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6 Responses to Agent Poyo’s Picks of the Week for June 8th, 2016

  1. jl says:

    Don’t forget Godspeed and just grab both. Cover B of Flash is horrendous so i’m sticking with Cover A.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Yes, Cover A for Flash. That other cover not sitting well with me either.

    • Jay says:

      Can anybody confirm the first app of the marvel family members? There was some old members back in the golden age but the new family first app is flashpoint 1 correct?

  2. MICHAEL C says:

    Cover B looks like its from mad magazine

  3. Josh Masters says:

    Well it should be interesting tomorrow. My sub back ordered all my detective’s (both covers), 2 Action’s and all 3 Flash A covers. I’m not even ordering big. 3 of each cover. One to read, one to hold and one to flip if it presents itself.

    Guess I’ll be heading out to try to snag a few copies tomorrow.

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