Agent Poyo’s Picks for July 6, 2016

Happy ‘Merica People! Hopefully no digits were lost this past weekend from any readers playing with fireworks, it’d be a shame if anyone lost any comic page flipper fingers..
Let’s get on with the picks this week, some good stuff is coming out. Gotta love these bank buster weeks all in a row, I know I’ve gone over budget these past few weeks, so let’s see what’s in store for us comic nerds this week.

DC/Vertigo Pick
Justice League Rebirth #1 (DC) – Possible new League members? And Superman? Don’t let Rebirth slip past your radar, readers and collectors are watching these closely.

Marvel Picks
Amazing Spider-Man #15 (Marvel) – Alex Ross cover, Mary Jane the new Iron Spider? People are gonna gobble these up. Don’t forget to grab a copy or two.
Civil War II Kingpin #1 (Marvel) Black Panther 50th Variant – Yes, it’s Black Panther and yes, these likely have a chance to become Houdini variant as Mel likes to report on. So grab it if you can, plus, it’s Black Panther, who doesn’t like Black Panther?

Spec of the Week
Walking Dead #156 (Image) – This is always a pick but this one likely has a major death, likely from the hands of you know, that effing awesome effin mother effin Negan. Always pick up 2 copies of the Walking Dead, the common issues even demand a premium when supplies at the local shops run dry.

The New #1 Picks
Throwaways #1 (Image) – “THROWAWAY (n.) 1. A disposable asset, used for a single mission; 2. A disavowed assassin, meant to die alongside their target. Abby Palmer and Dean Logan are two broken people – Abby a vet with severe PTSD and Dean a burnout trying to escape the shadow of his infamous father – when they are thrust into a modern-day MK-ULTRA conspiracy, and discover they are both ULTRA’s human experiments.”

Kim and Kim #1 (Black Mask) – A new Black Mask title. We all know the potential these carry.

That’s all I got this week, short and sweet. So many other books but we can’t list them all.. what would be the point then!


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