DrunkWooky’s Star Wars Report 8/1/2016

“Hey, CHU Readers! It’s your resident Star Wars fanatic and generally long-winded CHU contributor, DrunkWooky here with yet another Star Wars Report! This time, on Darth Vader #25 and the final Action Figure Variant. On a side note, while researching this story, I came across Darth Vader #7 SDCC PX 2015 Variants for $1 each.

So, we’ve been speculating on which character will appear on the John Tyler Christopher variant for the final issue of Gillen and Larocca’s Darth Vader series, and it appears that Marvel has finally confirmed to retailers that Doctor Aphra will indeed be gracing that cover! Bleeding Cool had the news a few days ago.

Feedback from a lot of different sources in comic/Star Wars fandom agree that Aphra, Triple Zero and Bee Tee could hold down their own series at this point. Are the last three JTC Figure covers indicative of things to come in that respect? I don’t know. However, go back and read triple Zero and Bee Tee’s back up story from the back of Darth Vader #20 for your own benefit and edification. Great stuff there!

So we have not pretty picture for the Doctor Aphra cover yet. Here’s Dengar off of JTC’s Star Wars # 22 cover, though:

image (5)

Yuck. Somebody get that guy a Mandalorian helmet already. If anybody has a face for Kashyyk public radio, it’s Dengar!

As always, I’ll point out the well-deserved flak that JTC’s rinse-and-repeat action figure variants are getting. They seem less creative and easier to churn out than Skottie Young’s baby variants ever were. At any rate, I still think an Aphra action figure cover will go over well. If it grows in value, it will only be after a long-term hold with an ongoing series given to her down the road.

Now, on to more shiny Star Wars variants! Darth Vader #25 has a slew of variants from top talent coming our way. First up, is my personal favorite from the bunch, the Joe Quesada variant:

image (6)

Found, as always, on Jedi-Bibliothek!

There’s also a Shirahama variant coming (I won’t submit you to the horror of the low resolution of the only picture available out there).

image (7)

Samnee. A great minimalist Cho variant (again nothing but low-res out there!). Let’s not forget the beauty of Gimenez’ regular cover, though:

image (8)

Until, I have more shiny new Star Wars stuff to show ya, later, CHU!

DrunkWooky out!


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7 Responses to DrunkWooky’s Star Wars Report 8/1/2016

  1. Jesus says:

    WOW!!! Darth Vader #25 is going to be big and so many good vatiants out there, I want them all lol.

  2. Louie says:

    Great stuff! I love having star wars back in full swing. Im really excited for rogue one, cant believe a ‘non-episode’ movie is a real thing now

    • Me too! I began collecting comics back in the 90s when Dark Horse was putting out Dark Empire and Crimson Empire. What actually brought me back to comic collecting was Marvel’s Star Wars license!

      Having said that, I still love going back and finding old Dark Horse Star Wars stuff! My LCS just got every X-Wing Rogue Squadron issue, among a bunch of other Dark Horse in from a collection they bought. I’m going to grab a couple more arcs today. Can’t go wrong with out-of-print IP.

      • Louie says:

        Yeah Dark Horse kept it going for awhile. I had not bought an action figure for years, but that changed on force friday. Which eventually led to my funko addiction lol

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