Walking Dead #157 Spoiler and Review

Walking Dead #157 is out this week. It is available in a regular cover and the Art Adams variant, which looks even more awesome in color. Whisper War starts here. It is a great issue, really good, and the book reads different because there are a ton of small panels in the books so there is more art and more story. 

So the story starts off with the return of  smiling face.


He meets up with the towns guards and inquires about his favorite girl, and with what went down in Image Plus #4 we know why he named it what he did.


Dwight responds with a witty retort


Beta finds Alpha


And the question comes up, should you know who become Alpha

Beta does not seem pleased

Meanwhile, Negan delivers a present…

Meanwhile, Eugene gets a rather ominous message from his friend on the radio

Before giving away *potentially* too much info.

And finally, the response from Beta…


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