Agent Poyo’s Picks for August 10th, 2016

Welcome again, to this weeks Poyo picks because you all have a problem, you like comics. That’s why you are reading this, well, I hope you are. If not, I wasted a good 5 minutes your time and a bit of my life each week submitting this to Tony to post on his website. So if you do read, post something.. your own picks, a comment to make fun of mine or me.. it doesn’t matter.

So anyways, let’s get on with these picks..

DC/Vertigo Pick

All-Star Batman #1 (DC) – Avoid the regular Romita Jr. cover. I’m just not a fan, Batman looks goofy. I’m going for the Jock and Shalvey covers, much better covers.

Marvel Pick

Invincible Iron-Man #7 (Marvel) 3rd Print – It’s gonna have a small circle of Riri’s face claiming it’s her first appearance.. yeah! Heck yeah.. this one is gonna be the bomb! (hopefully you can sense my sarcasm).. Some are gonna go for it but I bet this one is more heavily ordered with a bigger print run. Honestly I’m betting the 2nd print will be the hardest one to find going forward. But to the completists out there on 1st appearance issues, this is for you.

Image #1 Pick

Black Monday Murders #1 (Image) – A new Hickman book. I love Hickman but I hate him when he starts a book then delays it.. hrrrmm… Dying and the Dead?? You promised us this early this year, so where is it Hickman? I’m still loving East of West but I like Dying better.. don’t be pulling some Millar crap Hickman or I’ll cast you out just like I did him. Regardless of my petty ranting, this one is a definite pickup to check out.

Indie Pick of the Week

Black Eyed Kids #5 (Aftershock) – Still going strong, one of the best Indie books currently I think. Check it out if you haven’t don so already.

Now on with Poyo’s pull list, some of my favorite ongoing books I pick up each month.

Spread #15 (Image) – A CHU favorite for sure. Such a great read and I love the art.

Birthright #18 (Image) – Great story, I could see this as a show.

Black Panther #5 (Marvel) – Who doesn’t like Black Panther? One of my all time favorite Marvel characters.

Daredevil #10 (Marvel) – Soule has been doing a great job on this. Garney’s art is spot on as well for Daredevil.

Darth Vader #24 (Marvel) – My all time favorite villain. Of course this is a pick up and read. I’m going to be sad when it ends next issue but I’m sure that’s not the last we see of Vader, I’m sure another volume or story will be created soon enough.

Vision #10 (Marvel) – I’m starting to look like a Marvel fanboy.. oh wait, I am. I still love Marvel, well, a whole lot more than DC. I don’t buy them all but I do think they have superior characters and writers over the other big one, DC. Tom King has been great on this, now he’s writing Batman, so hopefully he can revive some DC titles if he goes beyond Batman.

Ninjak #18 (Valiant) – Such a great read. Valiant needs more credit. Their art is awesome and their writing is superb. Give them a try, most of their titles are awesome.

That’s all folks!


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13 Responses to Agent Poyo’s Picks for August 10th, 2016

  1. Andre Michael Warner says:

    Finally someone that hasn’t turned thrir back on Marvel!!! I still enjoy Marvel more than DC. Anyway, Im surprised at the omission of Sons of Anarchy #1 Redwood Special. Any spec value?

  2. Miecree Cannon says:

    Great spec articles each and every week, Comic Specing Poyo! The action figure variant(Mel’s thing) to Darth Vader is a def pick up! Black Monday Murders looks good, BEK is an awesome horror story. Birthright should be a show(it could appeal to a very wide audience). Flash is a must and New Super-Man. Along with a few variants tomorrow.
    Thanks for taking your time to post your picks!

  3. I’ve been picking up, “The Vision,” since the first issue and absolutely adore it. Book of the year right now.

  4. Because of the Dying and the Dead and I’m not giving Black Monday Murders a chance. I was really digging that book and i’m still highly annoyed that he promised it would be picked back up and is still MIA.

    And just because….Can I whine at a $5 cover price for All Star Batman?

    • Anthony says:

      Yea. Please feel free to complain about the $5 price on All Star. Not happy with it either.

      • agentpoyo says:

        But it comes with a heavier cover.. so when it creases.. it really creases so one notices such crease.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Yeah, I’m sad Dying and the Dead has not picked back up yet. That one was on pace to be more liked than East of West. Black Monday Murders I was told by one of my shops was a really really good read though. So maybe Hickman will be forgiven if he keeps me entertained with this one until Dying comes back.

        HICKMAN, if you’re reading this, bring back Dying or I will hunt you down and make you eat all 24 issues of East of West. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • J. Coleman says:

      Right! He isn’t writing any Marvel books anymore, so what’s up!?

      • agentpoyo says:

        Maybe he’s taking a nice vacation. I mean, he did pump out what was it.. 45 Avengers and around 30 something New Avengers in like 2 years it seemed among some other titles as well before the big event that led to this last Marvel reboot.

      • I know he said they fell behind because the first issue was too big and they couldn’t keep up after that. They were supposed to catch up and then release on time. If he has time for a new series though….I’m calling BS.

      • agentpoyo says:

        He was writing it around the time he was likely writing Secret Wars though. I think Hickman’s stated before in interviews that most of what we read is already down on paper. Like East of West, I think I read once he said when it was on issue 12 or around that time he had it all down written through issue 50 or so. So I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt, he could be delayed cause the artist is behind or busy with other projects or it was something new he wanted to get out but never got around writing the rest. Black Monday could be crap he wrote long ago and it’s just now making it to print.. who knows how these creators operate, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense cause I know they’re not spilling all the details.

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