Throwback Thursday for January 31st, 2019

Fifty-Two years ago, long before a majority of us were even born, a girl joined forces with one of the most well known and earliest superheroes.

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One to Watch: Detective Comics #939

Thanks to Jay for starting the conversation on this one.
Since the Rebirth series started, the renumbered Detective Comics book has been really good. The Batman team, the new Batcave building in the middle of Gotham, and Clayface, has made the series really interesting to me. But it seems that the series is about to take a turn with Detective Comics #939. Continue reading “One to Watch: Detective Comics #939”

One to Watch: Batman Rebirth #1 and Superman Rebirth #1

Rebirth seems to be doing pretty well. The DC Universe Rebirth #1 issue is still selling for 2-3 times cover. There have been some surprises in the recent launches, in what had been an otherwise quiet week. Batman Rebirth #1 has a new character, possibly Lark, and Superman had the Owl’s aircraft hovering above the city. Continue reading “One to Watch: Batman Rebirth #1 and Superman Rebirth #1”