Poyo’s Picks of the Week for August 31st, 2016

It’s new comic book Wednesday, the best day of each week. All us comic book addicted nerds come back out (from wherever we hide) to talk about what we think is going to be the next big thing in the comic book world.
So let’s talk about them then.

This week, your old buddy Poyo, is off on a secret mission to Montreal. So instead of grabbing comics this week I am working long hours, rubbing elbows with French Canadians, and finally going to Tim Horton’s. But here is what I am spec-ing on and plan to get when I get home.

DC/Vertigo Pick
Sadly there was nothing that grabbed me this week from DC. Maybe I missed out but it doesn’t seem like too much is coming out from DC this week. Comment if I am wrong down below.

Marvel Pick
Amazing Spider-man #17 (Marvel) – Some are going to like this, some are going to hate this, but there is a new Electro in town and he is a SHE. You got it, a new character in the Electro costume and you get to meet her here for the first time.

The Image Pick
Saga #37 (Image) – Nothing beats Brian K. Vaughn at his best. Saga has grown to be hugely popular, and like The Walking Dead, is a must pick up each month.  This is the book people will talk about for years and will keep drawing in non-comic readers to the fold.


The “Has Potential” Pick
Brickleberry Armoogeddon #2 (Dynamite) – The first issue was on of my picks last month. I was luck enough to score the black and white variant and did well selling it. Just like last month you have a rabid fan base for a show that may have died too soon, but this time you have the second issue sales slump, where less copies are ordered by retailers.

Spec of the Week
Killer Inside Me #1 (IDW) –  Jim Thompson’s new book looks good. I do love a good crime story. It is selling out online which is a good sign.

Now, it’s on to Poyo’s Pulls of the week:

Poutine! If you do not know what it is, you are missing out. Fries covered in gravy and cheese.







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21 Responses to Poyo’s Picks of the Week for August 31st, 2016

  1. schweizerdavid says:

    There is a poutine food truck here in Portland.

  2. michael cox says:

    hillbilly #2 back up at midtown

  3. krighton says:

    what’s up with the no rebirth week…I may buy 0 comics tomorrow.

    • It looks like DC purposely used this 5th-week to release issues of series’ that didn’t get “reborn”. I was surprised to see that Suicide Squad: War Crimes#1 this week IS a Rebirth title. When it was originally solicited, I thought it was tied to New Suicide Squad. And it might have been. But that is at least 1 Rebirth title this week, lol.

  4. jclu007 says:

    Montreal is a fun town. Been there many times, for good times. And its not jjust any ol’ cheese, poutine uses cheese curds specifically. Most places will just throw the curds on and let the hot gravy melt them, but a proper poutine is baked in the oven. You should be able to get an oven baked poutine in Montreal (if thats where you are).

  5. David Wilton says:

    Nothing like a poutine and an iced capp. 🙂

    agentpoyo going to any shops in Montreal?

    • agentpoyo says:

      I have done a quick tour in downtown on Monday. I really like it. The one thing I have observed in Montreal so far is… if you don’t have a cigarette in your hand, there’s a good chance you have an ice cream cone in it. 🙂

  6. We went to Canada several times as a kid. I’ve had several TIm Horton’s in my life. Sad thing…I really can’t remember if they were good not. It’s been too many years. I do remember loving some Shopsy’s hot dogs though.

  7. Philippe Brault says:

    I live in montreal, great city, hope you’re enjoying your stay! If you m’re looking for a great shop check out Comic hunter on the corner of Papineau and Sauve. My go to LCS is called millenium, it’s on the corner of Rivard and Marie-Anne smaller shop that has new issues and lots of trades. Great people there that love to talk about comics and all things movies and they are very knowledgeable in european comics.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Yeah, I’m really liking it. Sadly I’ve been so busy during the day, exhausted after I’m done working and go crash at the hotel after dinner. Most of my work I’m doing is out in Laval, but I think we’ll be back in Montreal tonight or early Friday morning before heading to airport.

      • Philippe Brault says:

        Hope you do get to go back in the city for a bit of fun! Dreaded work always seems to get in the way :p

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah, if all goes according to plan, I might be long term contractor/consultant, so more traveling in future. Gotta love the work travel, get somewhat of a vacation but it’s all paid, even the food. I’ve been eating damn good up here, no reason to eat at Tim Horton’s when I can go eat a fancy meal like the 1%’ers 😉

      • Philippe Brault says:

        Yea good food isnt a problem here. If you’re in the mood for anything in particular I can point you in the right direction :p

      • I got to travel for work quite a bit last year. I never drank so many margaritas or ate so many steaks. My favorite was when the waiter/waitress warned me of an upcharge on something I was ordering. “Yeah, whatever, the charge is fine”. “oh, make that Margarita a double with Don Julio please”.

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